‘Sometimes it goes your way, other times it goes for them’ – Harry Anderson talks exclusively to SW about our midweek defeat

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Harry Anderson has been in the news this afternoon for his unfortunate reveal of Ben Coker as part of the first team squad, but we’ve been speaking to him this week about a range of different topics.

Just hours before the ‘Come Dine With Me’ event which unveiled former Southend defender Coker as an Imp, I caught up with Harry for the club programme. We started off by talking about the MK Dons result in midweek, the Imps first defeat of the season.

“We were disappointed to have lost the game as we played pretty well but conceding the two goals early on, we made it hard for ourselves to get anything out of the game.”

I’ve always wondered what Danny is like behind closed doors; is he a ranter and a raver, or does he put his points across is a succinct manner, like a disappointed parent rather than a raging teacher?

“I think it’s a bit of both, it depends how the game goes really. He was obviously frustrated this week after we played well and conceded, but he always gets his point across. I think we were all disappointed with the goals we conceded, the first was poor and the second one was frustrating too.”

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The second goal was frustrating for us all, Harry seemed to be fouled in the moments before the goal and then the shot struck George Williams who appeared to be offside. Harry isn’t sure about the second part, having been facing grass at the time.

“Personally, I’m not actually too sure (if it was offside) because I was on the floor! I thought it might have been a foul on me in the build up, but I couldn’t see whether it was offside or not from on the ground. It’s just one of the things you expect in football, sometimes it goes your way, other times it goes for them.”

The Imps played over 600 passes Tuesday night and much is being made of the current style. Some feel it’s a continued evolution from last season, certainly Danny feels that the approach is different every year, but however we go out and attack games, 22-year-old Harry is adaptable.

“I feel like I can play many ways, there are different ways to win a game, sometimes playing away you have to take the sting out of games, other times you play to the conditions. You have to play games in all sorts of different ways.”

Courtesy Graham Burrell

We certainly approached the Rotherham game in a different way, fighting against a strong side and conceding much of the possession, but winning 2-0. Harry got the second goal just after half time and in doing so, became the first Imps to score in three different divisions since John McGinley. When asked if he was proud of that stat, the former Peterborough man gave a huge smile.

“Definitely, really proud to have got that stats and obviously having been with the club for four seasons has been fantastic.”

The pertinent point to raise is that McGinley, a committed and dogged forward, bagged his goals on the way down, Third Division, Fourth Division and GMVC, with another in Division Four after the promotion. Harry has done the opposite and as you’ll read in the programme this week, it’s something he takes a lot of pride in.

McGinley actually scored in five consecutive seasons for City, 85/85 and 85/86 in Division Three, 86/87 in the awful relegation season, 87/88 as we came back up and finally 88/89 in our first season back in the Football League. Harry has bagged in the National League, two League Two seasons and now League One. Importantly, McGinley never played at Wembley and only got one winner’s medal, not the three Harry has.

Make sure you pick up a programme against Everton to read all about the dressing room music; find out who brings in his own speaker and why the Come Dine With Me menu was strongly influenced by Danny Cowley. It’s a great read, even if I do say so myself.