‘It would be nice to put it behind me’ – Danny Cowley responds to questions about Sheff Weds role

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Danny Cowley has revealed it would be nice to move on from the speculation linking him with a move to Championship side Sheffield Wednesday.

The Imps boss was quizzed about the role after the game on Tuesday night and confirmed where his priorities lay, but it reared it’s head once again in this afternoon’s press conference. He was asked if he’d like to put the speculation behind him, to which he replied:

“It would be nice to put it behind me, but I don’t know if I can. You guys seem to know more than I do. It’s ultimately where it is, there’s been no contact from Sheffield Wednesday.

“I can’t control what people say or what people write. All I can do is control where my focus lies and that is fully on the game ahead.”

The press conference moved swiftly on, with plenty of information about Wycombe, injuries and the usual stuff. It was never going to be straightforward though and another question came in asking if he got irritated by the constant chatter about his role.

“I just want us to focus on what’s ahead in the football. I can’t control what people say or what people write. I understand its par for the course and people will always have an opinion.

“It frustrates me that people speak categorically when none of it’s true. It amazes me. I listen to some of our supporters who speak so categorically and haven’t got a clue, not even close to the truth.

“I listen to journalists and radio stations who again speak with such confidence and are so blatantly wrong. It amazes me really that can happen and people will then listen to that, but they do. That is football.

“I suppose the bigger your profile becomes the more people have opinion. There are always three parties involved and if it was down to me, I’d just tell you how it is.”

I’ve refused to write about the speculation on here, not when the story seems to stem from one article quoting talks have taken place. Those supposedly ‘ITK’ will doubtless be on telling me they’ve entered unofficial talks or something equally as scaremongering, but I’ll take the situation at face value.

To me, right now, Danny Cowley does not sound like a man intending on going anywhere. Maybe that’s what we should believe right now, instead of a guy who knows someone in the ticket office at Sheffield Wednesday.


  1. The reality is that the club will remain, irrespective of which personnel represent it at any given time. C’est la vie.

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