The break-up letter: Danny and Nicky address the Imps’ fans

Danny and Nicky have penned an open letter to the Lincoln fans which you’ll doubtless see plenty of over the coming hours.

Still, here it is for posterity on my site, a stark reminder that no matter what you believe, everything can and will come to an end. Maybe it’s just me, but reading this really did feel like the relationship break up letters you used to get as a kid; the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ type thing that you cried over, listened to some sad songs reading again and again and eventually, many years later, laughed about.

Many, many years later.

Still, here is the final statement by Danny and Nicky to the Lincoln City fans.

To everyone associated with Lincoln City Football Club,

This without doubt, the hardest decision of our lives that Nicky and I have had to make. We know that many people may not understand but we feel the least we can do is offer you an explanation.

The past three and a half years have been so unbelievably special. It has simply been a fairy tale for Nicky and I. The way you as a community have taken us in and looked after us and our families has been just incredible. For that, we will be forever grateful.

The moments we have shared together… Winning the National League in our first season, reaching the quarter-finals of the FA Cup as a Non-League team, going to Wembley for the first time in the club’s history and winning the Checkatrade Trophy, reaching the play-offs in our first season back in the football league and winning League 2 last year have all been incredibly special and created memories that will stay with all of us forever.

More than the trophies it has been the special relationships that we have created with so many people at all levels of the football club. Clive Nates you are just a special, special man. You are honest and have real integrity. Along with the board you have provided us with unconditional support from day dot. It cannot be underestimated how lucky Lincoln City is to have these people guiding the football club.

To Liam Scully, Ian McCallum and the rest of the office staff you have worked tirelessly day in, day out to drive the business side of the club and we simply would not have achieved this without you.

We have just the best football department. A staff that is so relentlessly hard-working and player-centred, that have helped to create a culture and environment that has consistently allowed the players to perform at their very best. They are so selfless in their work and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them every single day.

The players have been simply outstanding. The four different groups that we have worked with have all shared similar qualities – humility, determination, resilience and a relentless work ethic. At times, Nicky and I have received the plaudits but I can tell you, the success has been down to the players. In football, it is always the players.

Lastly and certainly to this football club, most importantly, you the supporters. The success that we have achieved would not have been possible without your unconditional support. Never underestimate your role in this success. You have driven our energy and stood side by side with us when we have needed you. Some of our fondest moments would have been sharing the successes with you on the terraces.

Building the football infrastructure has been so important to us. We genuinely believe that we are leaving the club from the Academy upwards in a really strong position to achieve long term success.

So why leave, you ask…

Nicky and I have a burning ambition to challenge ourselves at the highest possible level. We don’t know if an opportunity as good as this one will come around again and we never want to live with regret.

It has been the greatest privileges for Nicky and I, to manage Lincoln City FC. We will forever hold this football club in our hearts and with Concord Rangers FC it will always be the first result that we look for. We will never ever forget the support we have had and know that we would not be in this fortunate position without all of you.

Much love,

Danny & Nicky Cowley UTI

Screw it up, throw it in the bin re-read it for evidence that there’s hope, do whatever you want. Me, I’ll be moving on from this point, looking to the future and perhaps, in a day or two, giving thanks for the phenomenal ride we’ve all been on.

courtesy Graham Burrell


  1. And when we meet
    Which I’m sure we will,
    All I was then
    Will be there still,
    I’ll let it pass
    And hold my tongue,
    And you will think
    I’ve moved on!

    I will go down with this ship…..

    Copyright: Dido Florian De Bonneville Cloud Armstrong

    • Richard, that’s the perfect reply. I’ve not got the words to explain the depth of my devastation.

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