Gareth Ainsworth throws Lincoln City management hint

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my favourite for the Imps job would be Gareth Ainsworth; he’s got Wycombe to the top of the table and would come with a ready-made reputation of his own, not needing to emerge from anyone’s shadow.

I believed he wouldn’t leave Wycombe, certainly not for Lincoln City. However, in a Totally Football League Show interview, he appears to open the door to a possible Imps’ switch. Just imagine that…

“I’m really happy at Wycombe, they’ve been so good to me,” Ainsworth told the Totally Football League Show.

“But of course, I’m ambitious. I want a club that has ambitions to play in the Championship, to be as high as they possibly can. I know Lincoln City have got that ambition. What the Cowleys have built in their time there – it’s just awesome.”

Awesome; yes it is Gareth. Perhaps you could come and have a closer look, maybe give Liam Scully a quick call?

“I’m open to everything. Wycombe have this potential. I’m really hoping that the fans understand that, unfortunately, money is needed in football and to progress, especially to the next level. It’s going to take some serious investment.”

That’s the crux of the issue here; we know Lincoln have been chasing additional investment. How close might that be? Could Gareth be willing to gamble that maybe, just maybe, Clive is about to come up trumps?

“We have people willing to put their money in. The fans love owning their own club and I understand that as well. But the ambition for me is to get into that Championship one way or the other.”

He confirmed there hasn’t been any contact as yet, but that he wouldn’t be averse to chatting to the Imps, if the call came in.

“At the moment there’s there’s nothing happening,” the Imps’ legend added.

“But I know that there’s plenty of rumours and it’s early days. I think Danny and Nicky only left on Monday, and it’s only Wednesday. So it’s a waiting game. I know that there’s plenty of interest and rumours and I think Wycombe would be open to letting me have a chat with people.”

I don’t know about you lot looking at this, but I hope Roger, Clive or Liam have stopped what they’re doing and Googled ‘Wycombe’s switchboard’ right now, because Gareth Ainsworth ticks all the boxes; great man manager, ready-made reputation, already been at this level for some time, up and coming, community man… need I go on?

This is it Lincoln City. This is the call to make. Last year we all thought football was coming home; this year it might be time for Sir Gareth to come home instead.


  1. I really hope they can get Gareth but I’m not hopeful. The guaranteed investment at Wycombe might be just enough to keep him there. I have nothing against Flynn but I hope it isn’t him, mainly because he is Newport through and through and might struggle at any other club. Please let them go and get Gareth. If that isn’t to be I’d take Parkinson or Flowers as my next choices.

  2. Leave it to Clive Nate’s. He got it spot on last time and whoever he brings in he will have thoroughly thought it through.
    Onwards and upwards we Go!

  3. Would certainly be ironic if it was Gareth, bearing in mind who D & N’s last game was against and losing 3-1. Onwards and upwards for all three!

  4. Whichever way you look at it, Gareth’s in a great personal position here. Using his fortunate position with a team at the top of the division with a change of ownership structure imminent. Could get an improved contract, could get investment at their club for players, while saying to Lincoln “come and get me – BUT you’ll need a bit of money for me and also you’ll need to show ambition with funds for players”. He is loved by both sets of fans and his comments at the moment give hope to both!

  5. I was happier to see Matt Taylor is linked. He has taken Exeter to the top this season after starting reasonably last season with Exeter. I know he has the same problem that the Cowleys had in not having played for Lincoln for a couple of years but I am confident he could overcome that.

  6. Sentiment has to be put to one side! As well as Gareth has done, he has had one promotion in somewhere like 7 years! There will be better candidates…. I think you will find the appointment will come in from left field, someone who is not on any fans radar! Having said that there is one name out there not figuring much but has been mentioned. If the deal was right, I think Nigel Adkins credentials are far superior to Gareth’s. The support base is in place, if the results keep coming, the fans will keep coming… we should not get the relationship with the community aspect out of proportion.

    • Agree on Ainsworth but Adkins? Sacked at Southampton. Took Reading down and sacked. Took Sheff Utd to their lowest placing ever, or certainly in years, and Sacked. Went to Hull and nearly took them down and sacked. And that is why he is now free.
      For me someone on the up like Flynn or Taylor. But as another example of what is out there Alan Dowson, ex Milwall player. Player manager of Walton in his first role got them to runners up that season. Joined Kingstonian and got them to the title the next year. Then 5th and lost out in the playoffs the next year. Couple seasons midtable with some family reasons in play, but then second in the table and just missing out again in the playoffs. Took over at Hampton, average first and second season (with Martin Tyler as coach), got them to champions in the third season losing only seven games. Went to Woking, got them to runners up and won the playoffs against Torquay. Now currently top of the conference. He has worked his way up the divisions by winning with teams. No league experience and big leap but he is a winner

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