Imps make offer to managerial candidate: reports

A Daily Mail report has suggested that we’ve offered the manager’s role at the club to former player Gareth Ainsworth.

Tom Farmery is a journalist I know and respect and he’s not usually too far away from the truth. If he’s written that we’ve offered Ainsworth the job, then it is likely to be solid information.

I’m going out on a limb saying that of course, but I do see some names that I don’t like to believe and some that I do.

It’s an interesting situation now and the complex and varied debate will likely take another turn. I’d suggest that if he has been offered the job, that means he’s been interviewed. If he has been interviewed, that means that at some point, he’s considered it. If he’s considered once, he’ll likely do the same again.

After all, our previous manager turned down a role once but was tempted the second time. If Clive has identified Gareth then it’s likely he’ll be dogged in his pursuit.

I think this would be a hugely popular choice. Put aside the fact he used to play for us; Gareth Ainsworth is a manager who has been in demand. He was linked with QPR in the summer and if he chooses to come to us it would be a show of our intent off the field. We don’t know, as fans, what the honest ambition of those running the club is, not the nuts and bolts, pounds and pence. If a manager currently in a job in League One, doing well, chooses to come to us that says everything we need to know.

I know he hasn’t chosen yet, but he’s spoken to us. According to the report.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I’m not worried about his ‘style’ as such. Wycombe have been playing nice football of late and that’s down to the manager identifying the need for change and adapting. Gareth Ainsworth has clearly adapted quickly as his side have been strong, bar the weekend’s result.

I firmly believe that the new manager needed to be a name, someone who the fans recognised in his own right. If we’re going for Ainsworth first, then it’s likely the board agree.

There are dangers here though; I wonder if the board would have preferred to keep this under wraps. If he is first choice and he turns us down again, what will happen with the second choice? Will someone like Flynn think ‘hang on, they don’t want me that much’, and we find we’re forced down the list of candidates?

There is a risk we’ve been played too; if he has used the job as a vehicle to press his investment claims and we’ve gone in for him, we could end up with egg on our faces. This is a good job, we’re an ambitious club and we won’t need to chase anyone for too long.

I’m excited by this development. After a very tough afternoon I’m not able to write much more, but will be watching developments very closely over the coming hours. If we’ve shown our hand, then it’s set to be an interesting 24 hours or so.

For more reading, check out the reasons I think he’d be perfect for the job here.



  1. The height of our ambition is a man who has but a single promotion on his decade long CV? I thought Clive Nates might have an ace up his sleeve to rival Dorrian’s Cowley Coup.

    • I am willing to be corrected but i understand Clive did a lot of the ground work in bringing the brothers to the Club…. Our biggest problem is to re set the Club back to Lincoln City FC. Such was the hero worship afforded D and C. They had become untouchable…. almost a franchise! We need an experience manager who can organise the team and play with a bit of flair. The man at Stoke can come for me……once his contract is terminated.

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