Urging caution in the myriad of conflicting reports around our manager hunt

That’s three managers who have turned us down now; that’s the ‘news’ I’ve been reading this morning.

Gareth Ainsworth released a statement to Wycombe saying he was happy there, which seems to indicate that the chase for him has ended. That’s if there was a chase for him, which the Daily Mail certainly said there was. Of all the three that have ‘turned us down’, he is the one who I feel maybe we did pursue.

Then there are the other two who have seemingly sparked panic amongst the less savvy supporter. Matt Taylor of Exeter City turned down the chance to speak to another club, another unnamed club, but reports began to throw our name into the story. I know what you’re thinking; why would they throw us into the story if it wasn’t the truth?

Why not? Someone from Exeter suggests indirectly that it’s Lincoln who came knocking and suddenly the moral in their camp goes up. How good must Exeter be if their manager is turning down the chance to manage a side currently in the top eight of League One? It’s a public relations dream, isn’t it? It matters not whether it was us, Southend, Stevenage or someone who has a manager on the brink; because one paper said it’s Lincoln City, it’s Lincoln City.

I’m not saying we didn’t approach these managers, but I’m also urging caution when making bold assumptions about us being turned down

Then today a seemingly rehashed story using old quotes has surfaced suggesting Michael Flynn is staying put at Newport. It doesn’t say he’s rejected us, there isn’t any hint of the fact we made an offer and it was turned down, but because the bookies had him as the favourite, we must have lost out. Three in three, that’s not good enough etc.

I’m not saying we didn’t approach these managers, but I’m also urging caution when making bold assumptions about us being turned down by targets. This is an attractive job with a decent playing squad, some money likely available for the winter window and doubtless a decent salary for the step up as well. I’m not sure that League Two managers would be turning it down without good reason; ie not being offered it in the first place.

Everyone is in the know, aren’t they? Everyone thinks they know who we’ve gone after, who we have as our favourite. Bookies odds, so readily dismissed when they put our manager at Ipswich, West Brom and Middlesbrough, are now gospel and almost as good as being in on the interviews. Funny how perspectives change when the boot is on the other foot.

I have a feeling that our vacancy is being used at some clubs for their own ends. Gareth Ainsworth, for instance, almost certainly dropped our name in the Totally Football interview for his own purposes as much as ours. If we did offer him the job, he would have come willingly for an interview. Is that us missing out on a target or being used by one?

Same with Exeter. If we did approach Taylor and he said no, fair enough, but even if it wasn’t us, it doesn’t hurt to make the link does it? They wanted the story out there to get more fans behind their manager and that’s exactly what they’ve got. I hadn’t seen Taylor amongst the favourites with the bookies until he allegedly turned the job down, yet we’re expected to take it as gospel that he did? I’m not buying it.

I don’t, for one second, think that we’ve offered the job to three managers in as many days

As for Michael Flynn, the BBC Wales story has a ring of truth about it; it’s from the BBC and certainly, around our club, they tend to be accurate. Only, it hasn’t actually said he’s turned us down, or that we’ve made an approach. What it actually says is he’s staying where he is, so is that us losing out, or not pursuing the manager all the money has been laid upon?

I don’t, for one second, think that we’ve offered the job to three managers in as many days. That simply isn’t the way Clive operates I’m afraid. When the Cowley’s came I’d heard we were turned down by John Still, that we were after Billy Heath and a host of other stories, yet the one management duo we wanted all along, we got. This situation is great for speculating on who might come and weighing up their strengths and weaknesses, but it’s also a chance for some teams to make a statement of their own by having their man linked with us, whether it’s true or not.

They’re only playing the situation, just as others have done before and will do in the future, but I would urge supporters to remain calm until the club make their announcement. Then, and only then, can we make a judgement as to whether we think we’ve missed out on targets or not.

For now, shall we concentrate on the matter in hand; getting something from tonight’s game at Spotland. Clive is, he’ll be on the terraces there so if he’s focused on it, perhaps we all should be.




  1. Let’s be realistic. A loyal and successful manager with a care for his club does not walk out on 5 minutes notice to get personal gain. They wait till the end of a season or other strategic point – aka Graham Taylor. So you know what I think of the Cowleys, although we are eternally great fuel for the ride.

    I would be hugely disappointed in Ainsworth or Flynn if they walked away from their club – good on ’em.

    Let’s be patient please.

  2. Totally this Gary. Two stories I have heard over the years resonate. 1) Tim Vickery of World Football BBC fame, he used to work for Clubcall. Day 1, say player x is linked with club y and they might be going soon. Day 2, Player x has said he would be welcome to go to club y. day 3 Both club and player deny any link. You have three days’ worth of stories to get some money on without ever anything having happened in the first place. 2) The tragic death of Sala and his agent’s e-mail to him seen in The Mirror said “It’s been said that Cardiff does not interest you. But that is probably our mistake, because we ‘leaked’ in the media that other clubs like West Ham and Everton want you. Just to stimulate the interest in you. “That is how we work and that may be misinterpreted by the player. But without that ‘buzz’ nobody would know you. Because, honestly, nobody follows the French competition [Ligue 1].”. Same would happen for managers. It fills columns and tv time, it helps agents. Everyone is a winner. But the truth.

    All that said I love it, LIncoln have never been in this position and it is interesting to read each day

  3. You will of course know now who the new Manager is Gary, as you will tell us once it is announced and that you even new before Clive! Lol ? Seriously, the days when applicants were invited to apply for the job seem to be long gone,

    • Not sure on that. According to the Huddersfield chairman the new manager applied for that job, he wasn’t headhunted by the club

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