League One Round Up – Sunderland manager sacked, big injury news for Bristol Rovers

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I’ve not done a roundup of the latest news for a while, so here are the major events that have been happening in League One this week.

It might have been five years since Lincoln City last sacked a manager, but in the Football League it happens all the time. Today has seen two managers lose their jobs, one of them Daniel Stendel of Barnsley. He’s a Championship manager and it shouldn’t concern us but I had to mention it; he was forced to sell his four best players in the summer and he’s been fired for bad results. Genuine madness.

Another manager getting the sack is where we start today’s round-up.

Bye Bye Jack Ross

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Who would have thought as Tyler Walker wheeled away at the weekend having scored a second, he was sealing Jack Ross’ fate as Sunderland boss.

They’ve waited until today to actually fire him, but he’s the second manager in our division to get the sack this year. Kevin Bond had lost six in six, Ross has lost two in 11 and beaten two Premier League teams in the cup. Life is harsh, very harsh. Mind you, with £6m worth of strikers to choose from, his side did look lost at the weekend.

His fate has been sealed ever since he failed to get them promoted last season. Once he lost that play-off final the writing was on the wall, it just took a 2-0 defeat by Lincoln City to push him over the edge,

Some fans have been wishing him well, but a poll on the Roker Report seems to indicate few will mourn his passing.

Early contenders for the job include Sam Allardyce, Roy Keane and Danny Cowley. Oh no, wait, not the last one. That would have been the case had it been September 8th and not October 8th.

A Bad Day For Sunderland Gets Worse

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s not just an excuse to get the pictures out again, although it is good to be able to relive our fine win at the weekend. Technically my headline isn’t right; sacking Ross isn’t bad for the club and the news I’m delivering here came first. The proposed takeover of the club has fallen through.

They’ve been looking for investment for a while now. A London-based businessman called Mark Campbell was close in the summer, but that all fell through. Recently an American based consortium have also been interested, but reports suggest today that has collapsed.

The reports are conflicting; chairman Stewart Donald insists they’ve continued to talk to the investors and that things haven’t collapsed at all. However, other outlets are suggesting that the consortium, led by Dell founder Michael Dell, have pulled out due to some sort of financial haggling. Perhaps.

With parachute payments ending this season, Sunderland are going to be in a lot of trouble if new money is not found quickly.

Bristol Rovers Injury Blow

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The picture does come from the Bristol Rovers game. You know the one; where Tom Nichols created a foul all of his own and Clarke-Harris sent us to a defeat we barely deserved. Well, Clarke-Harris has since fired his side to the cusp of the top six, but that’s all going to change.

The robust forward has been ruled out for five weeks or more after picking up an injury in training. He’ll miss all of October and some of November which will be a major blow for Rovers. He’s got eight goals this season, seven if you ignore the penalty he should never have been given, but other than that only two players on their squad have more than one; Tyler Smith with four and that diver Nichols with two.

It’ll be a big ask for them to get through this period without their talisman, that’s for sure.

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  1. I wonder if young Mr Woodyard ever regrets his move away, especially now with us doing so well.

    Still, not sure he’d be able to force his way into our side at the moment…

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