Thanks, no thanks – Shrewsbury

It’s an interesting one for me because although Shrewsbury are not a traditional rival, I do feel an affinity towards them.

It’s a town I almost got to call home, a team who I watched as a ‘home’ fan for a pre-season friendly once and the home of a good mascot friend of mine, Lenny the Lion (if you’re new to my articles, I was Lincoln mascot Poacher the Imp for 16 seasons, hence having furry friends).

The big ‘thank you’ I would imagine most are expecting isn’t going to come either. You’ll most likely remember April 8th of last year, the day we finally broke our Wembley duck. Sure, the Checkatrade was a divisive and controversial tournament, but bugger it; we won. At Wembley.

I’m not going to thank Shrewsbury for that; the victory was all ours. We won the game, be it by a smash and grab, namely a forearm smash and Luke Waterfall’s ‘grab’ if you’re a Shrews fan, or Elliot Whitehouse bagging early on if you’re a Lincoln fan. Whatever, we won it.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

So, where am I going to go? There have been a few players who have left us for Shrewsbury, or who have come from Shropshire to ply their trade with us. Another notable omission is going to be Luke Waterfall. They signed him from us at the beginning of last season but I feel no need to say thanks or no thanks either way. I strongly suspect Luke would have struggled for games with Shacks and Bozzy at the back, so if anything they helped us and him out by splashing the cash.

Nope, there’s little from the last three years for me to touch on, but to kick us off I’m turning to a striker from John Schofield’s era who had a strange knack of making friends and influencing people wherever he went.


  1. So you eventually and grudgingly admit we should have been down to ten men for the majority of the game. How very commendable. Keep up the good work.

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