‘Cut the man some slack’ – Former manager speaks out as Imps secure place in FA Cup draw

The Imps secured a solid 1-1 draw at Ipswich Town yesterday afternoon, but it hasn’t be greeted warmly in all corner of the support.

With one win in eight, City are desperately looking for a decent run of form. Performances have been good, but wins have eluded the manager. For a second weekend in a row, a team came from a goal down to share the spoils with us.

Whilst a draw at Wimbledon might have been less than we expected, a draw at Portman Road certainly wasn’t a bad result. After the game, a small discussion broke out on Twitter over the current manager, Michael Appleton.

He has our support, performances have been good and it’s little incidents that are costing us; missed penalties, missed chances and the odd lapse in concentration. In the main, we’re playing good football and as he’s only a few weeks into the job it seems very harsh to judge him on how he’s managing another man’s squad.

That’s certainly the view of a previous incumbent of the role, Chris Moyses. Chris was the manager of the club when I started this blog and one of my earliest pieces thanked him for his efforts in bringing the club and support much closer together. Chris is often quiet on all Lincoln City matters now, but he was drawn to social media to defend Michael Appleton last night.

“Cut this man some slack,” he said in a debate over our current form. “He’s dealing with another man’s cards.”

It’s certainly a fair comment and one I think a few fans have echoed in recent weeks. Chris very kindly agreed to speak to me a little further on the matter.

“He’s only working with what he’s been given at the minute,” he told me. “He hasn’t been able to bring in his own people yet and I hope people recognise that.

“I don’t speak up much on these matters at the moment, I don’t want to open up a can of worms and be at the centre of it. I just hope people give him some time. The Cowley’s have gone on to better things and good luck to them, but people can’t judge Michael Appleton on what he’s doing right now; he needs time.”

Chris played for City and Halifax during his career, as well as a number of local non-league sides. After success with Lincoln Moorlands, a club he took to their highest-ever finish, he wound up at City and eventually succeeded Gary Simpson as manager.

He was manager prior to Clive bringing investment into the club and worked for free just to help make ends meet. He assembled the bare bones of our National League winning side, bringing 2016/17 leading scorer Matt Rhead to the club, attracting the hero of our Macclesfield win Terry Hawkridge and eventual club captain Luke Waterfall.

He’s widely credited with being a driving factor in bridging the chasm that opened up between the club and the fans and after the Colwey’s were appointed he was widely applauded for his efforts. Indeed, in his first full year in charge we sat fourth in the National League going into Christman, but just didn’t quite have the finances to strengthen in January and kick on for a top-six place.

It’s interesting to hear his comments, as a former manager he’s all-too aware of the work that has to go into working with another man’s squad, no matter how talented or successful it’s been. Hopefully, those few dissenting voices on social media will take note and see the positives coming out of the Bank at the moment, rather than judging on eight matches (in which we’ve beaten Sunderland and drawn away at Portman Road….).



  1. Good man is Chris. Worked for free and showed he was as good and better than a lot of lame managers here in the past.
    As the saying goes, you don’t know What You’ve got till it’s gone re the Cowley’s but Appleton was the best choice Clive could have made. I trust both Clive and Michael to get it right and financially we are in the best place since I can ever remember.

  2. I remember the first league match that Chris managed at home. You could literally “feel” a change in the atmosphere around the club. Chris paved the way for our current success and should be respected more than he is at the moment. Very few understand what he actually did for our club and our city. Wise words from him and as soon as the tonking that another side receives from us comes, the tide will turn. UTI

  3. Excellent comments could not agree more Chris moyses gave his all for city deserves credit. Worked for practically nothing and improved the club with very little money sorry to see him go all the very best to him

  4. Best result of the weekend! PNE 3 Cowleys 0. The same rhetoric voiced by them. it was the referees fault lol! I wrote when the season was only a few weeks old they would soon be gone! Cowley saying it was the Huddersfield fans that made his mind up to go. What about the City fans then wanting them to stay? Am sorry they are just a pair of Essex wide boys, Better Championship managers, will soon suss them out. Its totally unfair to judge Michael Appleton until he has his own players on board.

    • Kelvin, I am sure that Cowleys will be alright … Not that I care but since you mentioned them.
      They lost an away game to Preston (3-1 by the way..) who sits second in the table. Not exactly end of the world, is it ? .. They managed to steady the ship, went on a nice run picking up points, they’ll be just fine.
      And to be honest I would love them to be still in charge of the Imps. Relegation battle would not be an option. Not in a million years…..

  5. Have not heard any adverse comments regarding the current Manager quite the contrary, I don’t think one small exchange noted here on twitter hardly says more than the results aren’t great If the performances were woeful it might be different and a call to give the manager some time may be reasonable. At this stage I don’t think it is even necessary.

  6. He finished 13th in a full season in charge on 61 points. The season before with Simpson we got 58 points and finished 15th. The season before that with Simpson we got 65 points and finished 14th. What a revolution…. I like Moyses but get tired of this rewriting of history. The manager before wasn’t that bad before him, and he wasn’t that great during his time.

    I have nothing against Moyses and he was a decent manager. But one of the biggest things he is praised for is finding a training ground and getting the club back to the fans. Both of those things were completely outdone by the Cowleys.

    In recent times the big changes have been, Keith with the playoffs, Tilson with the disasterous relegation, Holdsworth clearing out the dead wood but nearly taking us down, Simpson saving us from relegation and getting us midtable, the Cowleys. Moyses doesn’t feature in there for me anymore than Sutton keeping things going in league 2.

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