Key Ipswich figure hints at team selection ahead of Imps cup tie

Courtesy Graham Burrell

After the weak performance against Gillingham this weekend, few Imps’ fans are overly hopeful of progression in the FA Cup.

The ‘reward’ for victory tonight will be a trip to St Andrews in a fortnight’s time. If we lose, it will be a two-week period for the boys without a game. After the fixture pile-up of August, we could be the ones facing a long lay-off over the late autumn period.

Whilst Imps’ fans are quietly concerned about the game, which promises to be a tough encounter even if Ipswich bring their reserves as they did a fortnight ago, the visitors are not relaxed about the fixture. Before our game against Gillingham, we’d looked a good side just a goal or two short of being a midtable competitor.

That’s how the opposition sees us, with assistant manager Stuart Taylor outlining what he feels our threats to be.

“Lincoln are a good side, we know that from the game at Portman Road,” he told iFollow Ipswich. “We know a lot about them now, though, having done our analysis, and are aware of how much they’ve changed since the previous management team.

“They’re certainly a team that like to play the ball about and build out from the back when they can and they also have good individuals that we need to be aware of. It’ll be a tough game without a doubt but we’ll go up there confident and play our own way. We’ll play how we think we can win the game and we’ll give it a good go.”

Courtesy Graham Burrell

‘Giving it a good go’ is less than they did a couple of years ago, but whilst the game will draw comparisons with 2017, it promises to be very different indeed. On that occasion, we were just minutes from a prolonged spell in the cold courtesy of extra time, something that is a real prospect tonight.

“It would be nice to get through this one in 90 minutes and get back down the road before midnight, but if it needs that little bit longer to get through then so be it,” Taylor added. “The lads are fit enough and strong enough to go and get through the game, however long it is. It’s not an easy tie and we’re not expecting to go out there and win (easily) because it will be very tough.”

He finished his interview by hinting at the presence of younger players, reserves and those returning from injury, which might aid us on the night. The Rotherham team that came to the Bank a week ago were made up of largely the same level of players and they were beaten 3-0.

“Would we have liked to have won this game in 90 minutes at Portman Road? Of course we would have, but it gives us another chance to play players who have not played for a while, coming back from injury or are younger ones coming through.”

That means possible outings for the likes of Emyr Hughes, Will Keane and youngsters who made little impact in the first game, such as Armando Dobra. Having said that, and given my habit writing players off only for them to score and beat us, Dobra will probably bag a hat trick tonight.

Here’s hoping I’m right for a change!


  1. If we do lose tonight, perhaps not a two week lay off… what are the chances of rearranging the Bolton game for Saturday November 30th as they are out of the cup already?

    • A lot of enterprising football from the Imps tonight against Ipswich,a lot of energy, good tackling yet occasionally givng the ball away stupidly but a decent show. But we have next to nothing up front. Tyler comes on put in a shot but doesn’t have enough time to make a mark on the game. Akinde shows his limitations – again. Is the best we can do to walk the ball into the opposition net.? We cannot dominate a game then lose by a give-away goal. That’s the way to demotion.

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