‘Bit of a fix really’, ‘Bunch of cheats’ – Fans react as Imps game with Bolton is rearranged

We lost the game to Bolton last month as a consequence of the weather, meaning a huge gap of over two months between Saturday fixtures at home.

The postponement came at a time of heavy rain which caused some flooding to areas of Sincil Bank, resulting in a 10.45 am a postponement. Some Bolton fans took the opportunity to have a day out in Lincoln, smashing up local pubs and causing a nuisance in town.

With both sides being out of the FA Cup, this weekend would have seemed an obvious choice for the next fixture, but for reasons unknown it’s now set to take place on January 14th with a 7.45 pm kick off. Perhaps the police didn’t fancy another day of Trotters in town, or perhaps they fancied another two weeks of recruitment before the game, who knows.

One or two Imps’ fans are crying foul on Twitter over the decision. It was widely speculated that Bolton would want the game played after January 1st to give them more time to recruit; they only had a couple of days to add to their squad after their recent takeover and will have a much-changed XI by the time they reach Sincil Bank.

It could have been worse of course; we could have played them in February or March and given their new signings time to settle in as well. Still, the Trotters are an emotive subject this season, whether for postponing games, fielding youth teams in the league or avoiding points deductions.

That doesn’t look like improving with this announcement, even though it’s likely to have been the decision of both club. Supporters have had their say, as you’ll see below.


  1. Im just amazed we have agreed to a 7th game in a month with a small squad lets hope everybody is fit and raring to go ( mainly Bruno).
    Also lets be honest we will have our new recruits in my then as well so it works both ways .Crucial month in our season now January .

  2. Hang on a minute; the match was postponed as a result of Lincoln’s inability to cope with a bit of rain! Also, Bolton were on a roll at the time.

  3. I am completely astounded at some comments on here from fellow football fans. Why are Bolton cheats?!! You have do not know facts regarding our off the field issues. Do some research you ignorant morons! We would love to have played you Saturday but efl/police wouldn’t allow it. I suppose we should let you play our kids. 12 point deduction first games with our kids been run into by a bent owner who raped the club. Who was recomended by sean Harvey of efl!! Please educate yourselves on our plight before making stupid comments! It makes the teams at this level look tin pot! The Peterborough chairman even had a pop because we have a bigger fan base at this level than most. Joke.

  4. We got all the sympath from other teams when we were losing 5 nI’ll every week. How dare we sign waifs and strays that anyone could sign before the window closed! All in 24 hours! We’ve not cheated just finally being well run. As soon as we put half decent side we get slated because suddenly a threat. Like I said tin pot!

    • I don’t remember anyone having sympathy when you were getting tonked, because that was the club’s own doing. I have even less sympathy now.

      Bolton distorted the league both this year and last, thanks. You’ve only got a cat in hell’s chance because of the EFL has let you off further deserved punishment.

      The club survived only by taking £40 million in loans (a debt repayable in two years) and would have been thrown out like Bury if the EFL had bothered to look at that as the ‘business plan’. The club is unsustainable and will probably be in the same situation in a couple of years.

      If that’s no tinpot I don’t know what is, and fans like yourself have got some brass for ignoring how Bolton’s problems have been allowed to directly affect other clubs.

      • Yes our bent owners own doing. I can’t be arsed going into it but you don’t know the facts. The EFL are up to their neck in it. EFL didn’t let us off an independent panel did! EFL don’t like that so are putting before another INDEPENDENT panel. Anyway 2 years we’ll be in a higher league than you if we stay up this year. If not it’ll take another year. Just the way it is. You’ve not a Scooby!

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