Christmas Time Charity Link Up Details

Before we start, I’m not usually one for talking up any charity work that the site does, or indeed any of the organisations we donate money to.

I’ve taken a bit of stick recently, both directly and through snidey comments, about the patreon system that allows you to donate money to me and the site for the work we put in. There’s an overriding feeling that everything we do should be for the benefit of the club, but that’s not possible here. Time constraints and running costs all apply as we’re not a franchise, nor part of a bigger network of websites. We also don’t generate money from the adverts anymore.

I should have to make apologies for covering costs but sometimes I do feel I have to.

However, Christmas is a time of giving and receiving and so this festive period I’ll be receiving the bills into my personal account only. Why? Because I want to plough every single penny of the website’s November income into giving some people a better Christmas. I’m writing an article on it because I’m going to invite you, if you so desire, to do the same.

I’m not going to preach, nor beg. Everyone has a different group they like to help at Christmas; the elderly, homeless, young children or whatever. I’m hoping to help a very specific group of young people at a Nacro run house in Boston called Mayflower House.

Mayflower House is a home for 16 to 18-year-olds coming out of care and into the real world. It currently houses nine young people all just starting out in life. The home is permanently staffed and those who reside there are given a roof over their heads and communal areas to spend time in, as well as help with some of the basic skills they may not have picked up through their youth.

I feel they’re an element of society that can sometimes be forgotten though. They’re not of an age where they’ll write heart-wrenching letters to Santa, nor are they sleeping in the cold this Christmas, but they may well miss out on a traditional Christmas as we know it. They may not have family to call, they may not have presents under the tree to unwrap and they may not feel that same love and togetherness most of us will feel on December 25th.

We can’t change their world, we can’t make a significant difference to their day to day lives, but we can give them a moment on Christmas morning where they’re unwrapping something and feel that little pang of Christmas spirit. I’ve spoken to the house manager and vowed to buy all nine of them a gift to unwrap to help make their Christmas a tiny bit nicer.

I’ve done some work with these guys before, you may recall a portion of one of my book profits went to them a year or two ago. It’s close to my heart because my brother works for the home and after spending Christmas morning with his two kids, he’ll head off there to imbue them with Christmas spirit as well. He sees first hand the potential some of these young people have and the tough start that they’ve had in life. Obviously he doesn’t go into specifics, but it makes me thankful for the upbringing I had, full of love and most importantly, safety.

I’m not writing this for any reason other than to try to demonstrate that The Stacey West does plenty for good causes, from donating to youth football to animal care charities, but I don’t shout about it because we don’t do it for any recognition. It would just be nice if we could offer the patreon and not have some snidey individuals pulling us down just because there’s no picture of us handing over money on the site.

We don’t work like that.

If you would like to help brighten up the Christmas of the residents of Mayflower House, please drop me an email