Welcome to the LNER Stadium

That’s the first time I’ve referred to Sincil Bank as the LNER Stadium and, being honest and with the greatest of respect, it is the last.

I’m fully behind a stadium rebrand for the money it generates and whilst the sums are not going to be life-changing, they will help Michael in the transfer window and beyond. The company we’ve chosen as our partner is a reputable one with a brand that doesn’t tarnish our reputation.

Choosing a partner is very tricky I would imagine, especially the stadium or front of shirt sponsor. Think about Stevenage with Burger King on the front. Is this an acceptable logo? What about Black Death Vodka at Scarborough all those years ago? Maybe, maybe not. I like to see local companies involved, as we have with SRP Hire, but your sponsor becomes part of your identity.

I feel that is the case to a far lesser degree with ground names because the only people who will refer to it as the LNER Stadium will be the club, the media and maybe a few away fans. For me, you and everyone we know, we’re still going to Sincil Bank. That’s our home, that’s where we live and nothing will change that.

That said, I think the club’s choice of partner here is a good one. It’s a brand looking to get a foothold in Lincoln, it won’t make us a laughing stock (The Kit Kat Stadium anyone?) and it’s identifiable nationally as well.

I don’t know the sums that have come in and the press release is basic at present, but the news is good this morning. After last night’s wonderful live podcast with Michael Appleton, it is something else positive to get on board with. Just please don’t expect me to talk about the LNER Stadium, because it would like you suddenly asking me to call my Mum ‘Cowgirl Shirley’. It ain’t going to happen.

My mum’s name is Shirley and she likes country music, that’s where that came from, before anyone takes the mick.



  1. Win ,win for me ! Hopefully helps also with maintaining reasonable ticket prices for All which cant keep rising as lincoln wages arent massive.Its not a betting company and we maintain rightly the Stacey West name and of course it will always be Sincil Bank to ALL.

  2. At Doncaster (sponsored by LNER) the season ticket holders get discounts for the trains. They are, as you say, one of the good guys.
    I guess I am one of the weird ones who could not care less what the ground is called. I still call the main stand either the CoOp stand or the Linpave stand by random. I will call the ground Sincil Bank, or just Lincoln’s home. It is not called something that would have people laughing and that is all that matters. My football team are important to me, what it represents and who represents it. But the sponsors of the shirt or name of the ground is absolutely the last of these thoughts. Roll back to 2015 or 2002 and we would love to even debate an issue as minor as what is the ground called.

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