Stacey West Podcast Live (Part One) – Out Now

It is finally here for you to listen too. After weeks (okay, maybe a week) of planning and two days wait, you lot finally get to wrap your ears around the exclusive Stacey West Podcast featuring Michael Appleton, Harry Toffolo and of course, me and Ben.

From two blokes sat in their pyjamas recording Lincoln chatter to two blokes sat on a sofa with a Lincoln City manager and a live audience recording Lincoln City chatter, this is surely the pinnacle of the Stacey West Podcasts short lifespan. In a year and a half we’ve bickered, procrastinated, moaned, cheered, celebrated and mourned, but we’ve never offered a carrier bag full of discounted chocolate to a man who once shared a pitch with Eric Cantona.

We have now.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

If you want to get to know our manager more, where he has been, what he has done and what he might do differently, you need to listen to this. If you’re a Lincoln City fan, you need to listen to this. If you’re my Mum…. hmmm…. well, just ignore the bit about me getting a chubber. Not sure where that came from.

You can listen below, via the Podbean app, on iTunes (I think, I’m not an Apple freak) or for the first time ever, you can search Stacey West Podcast on Spotify and follow us on there.


  1. Really enjoyable listen, but Ben does need to learn some much better comebacks than churning out ‘he’s such a p***k’ whenever Gary has a humorous dig at him. Looking forward to part 2…

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