Stacey West Podcast Live (Part 2) – Michael Appleton talks management and Lincoln City

The long-awaited (three-day wait) release of Part 2 has now happened.

Sadly, I missed it by 15 minutes because I was chatting to my bathroom fitter, but seeing as I was there at the time it’s not such a bad thing.

This is not to be missed. If you loved Part One, then the chances are Part Two will have something for you in it.

Remember, you can now listen on iTunes, Spotify and Podbean which (I think) makes me and Ben a bit like rock stars.


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  1. Well, if that doesn’t win over any doubters, I don’t know what will. An excellent pod cast Gary and Ben, clearly well prepared and fortunately, guests who were willing to open up and give us a fascinating insight into their jobs and thinking.

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