The Football Supporter’s Association Awards Tonight

I’ve not really spoken much about this over the last few weeks, what with a few other bits going on, but tonight is the FSA Awards at the Tower of London.

Lincoln City are well represented, Alan Long is up for an award, the Lady Imps are, as is Josh Vickers. They’re the official club representatives that might win something, but in addition, we’re up for Best Fan Media. It is a huge honour as the field has been picked on merit, not just the vote.

I’m not devaluing the Football Blogging Awards here, we’ve been there three times as a finalist now but the finalists are chosen by vote. I’m always incredibly humbled when I see you guys have voted me into the final and that in itself is an honour. This is a little different in that a panel has decided that our site is one of the top six fan sites in the country. To be up against Along Come Norwich (Norwich), Arseblog (Arsenal), Beesotted (Brentford), Five Year Plan (Crystal Palace) and of course, The Anfield Wrap (Liverpool), is just incredible. Some of those sites are institutions, with the sort of following that makes the voting very hard for us to come through. Put it this way; Lincoln City, the club we obviously represent, have 59.3k followers on Twitter.

The Anfield Wrap, just the site on its own, has 257k.

That aside, it feels like a win just being on the list of nominations. We may not have a trophy to show at the end of the night, but we will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten. Seriously, a star-studded awards ceremony at one of the most iconic venues in the country is something that I can’t ever have hoped to achieve the day I walked out of sixth form English raging at my teacher, vowing never to return. Even four years ago, managing a sales team flogging kitchens, I would never have thought my writing (along with the other contributors of course) would be recognised by a London-based panel as one of the best examples of fan media in the country.

I’ll hopefully do a couple of live videos tonight if the occasion allows of course. My brother is coming down with me, he helped immensely in the early days when the site started and I was off work with stress and anxiety. His support, from being kids right through to today, has been invaluable and although this award isn’t all about me, I did feel I wanted to reward his contribution to my work as much as anything else.

That’s that. It’s 9 am now, after Charlie has been walked and I’ve got my stuff together I head to Boston where Paul takes us to Peterborough and then on to the Big Smoke. It promises to be an event I never forget, an honour I’m sure we, as a site, never expected and obviously an evening in which my ‘no drinking’ policy may well have to be postponed. It does help going down there on the back of two wins, two clean sheets and a brighter future because at the end of the day, whatever the team and I write on here means very little without the football club I’ve been a fan of ever since my Dad took my to Sincil Bank as punishment way back in 1986.

It started 33 years ago, it doesn’t end tonight by, my lord, it goes to a whole new level and without the club and without you, my readers, patrons and friends, I’d simply be sat in an office now looking forward to another day of high-pressure sales and hatred of what dreams I’d wasted

So, thank you.




  1. Yet another thoroughly deserved nomination and i wish you well .Im sure theres a DC quote somewhere to fit this occasion but i just cant think of it ???.

    Good luck to all other Imps nominees as well.

  2. Good luck Gary, you have been an inspiration to all us Imps fans.. you throughly deserve an award for all you have done and been through. Cheers man.

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