The Worst City XI of the 2010s?

Credit Graham Burrell

Since Gary took a look at the ‘Team of the Decade’ earlier this month, I thought I’d show my negativity by picking a worst team of the decade. 

I think we can all agree that the second half of the decade was much more successful and enjoyable to watch than the dross before all of that. Things took a turn for the better when Chris Moyses took charge at which point we kind of looked like a National League side that could pose a threat.

Of course, this decade saw us lose our place in the Football League and subsequently became an awful non-league side. Gaining promotion back to the league is never easy, hence why only a handful of teams have done it in recent years but when we went down there was an inkling that we could have it in us. How wrong were we? Bottom half finishes in five of our six years in non-league suggested that maybe we weren’t the club we thought we were.

Here is my worst Lincoln City XI of the decade. If any of you disagree with me, I’m more than happy to have a debate over Twitter. My handle is @Jake_Tonge98.

[Editor – these picks are purely those of Jake and I take no responsibility for the reckless abandon with which he’s omitted Elliot Parish, Josh O’Keefe and Drewe Broughton, or included at least two players I thought were half decent…..]



  1. Completely disagree with Holdsworth. He was handed an horrendous task. And he did what was needed in clearing people out. However it cannot be overlooked what he did nearly taking us down. But Tilson is far far worse for me.

  2. Elliot Parish has to be the worst keeper. Not all his fault, he was young and inexperienced, but we had Joe Anyon sat on the bench watching him. Tilson didn’t fancy Anyon until he found out that he was a decent keeper the following season.

  3. Can’t believe you’ve chosen Reg Holdsworth. He was a country mile better than Tilson (who must be up there with Allan Clarke as our worst ever manager) and, as Gary has regularly stated, did his best to keep the club going during some desperate times. The rest I can’t really argue with although I think you’re being a bit unfair on Nicky Nicalau who always gave 100% in an Imps shirt. Looking back it seems we have been blessed with some excellent full backs so I’d have to give it to Sean Newton based on his attitude alone.

  4. Sorry but this team is massively weighted towards short term punts taken by managers who had no real cash to work with. Our real worst XI would be the overpaid lazy wasters who took us down in 2011 – plus Bradley Wood for souring some of the most glorious moments in our history.

  5. Re Tony Diagne, information elsewhere indicates that after leaving City for a spell with Macclesfield he
    played for Hemel Hempstead and then Barrow who he was with during the 2017/18 season. Can’t find anything after that date.

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