‘Money Talks’ – Bruno Andrade departs, analysis and reaction

Should Sunderland only be allowed to spend the same as Accrington? Courtesy Graham Burrell

I’ve avoided the obvious headline of ‘he belonged to us’ as I think I’ve seen it a hundred times on Twitter already. Whatever you label it as, the facts are the same: Bruno Andrade has left the Imps.

In the summer, he was linked with moves to the likes of Portsmouth, yet oddly when push came to shove it appears no Championship team wanted to take a punt. Nor did a League One side. No, when Bruno Andrade left Lincoln City, it was for Salford. 14th in League Two.

I’ve seen comments such as ‘lack of ambition’ on social media already and I guess that’s how it is going to look. It’s like when Nathan Arnold left us in 2017/18, or when Matt Green left in 2018/19. Salford like our players, usually a season after we’ve had the best from them. However, I’m not going to start calling Bruno because he’s left.

I can understand what the thoughts of some might be. I’ve seen people commenting he drifts in and out of games, he can be unpredictable (red card against Swindon a case point) but I’m not buying all of that. Yes, he drifts in and out of games, as wingers can do when the game isn’t going your way. What I’ve seen from Bruno is his desire to drive forward, his creativity and penchant for great goals and his excellent link-up play with Harry Toffolo. It will be very easy for fans to start looking for the negatives in Bruno’s play, but few did that in February last year when he hauled a side out of form through a tough month. Nobody called him when he lashed home that goal against Everton.

No, for my money Bruno Andrade is a big loss to this squad. I know his contract was up in the summer and as I understand it, he was offered a huge deal with Salford, but whatever the facts are, he’s a big loss.

I can’t help but feel he was always one kick away from being the scapegoat. Over the summer, all the usual ‘in the know’ faces were telling me how he was disruptive behind the scenes, how he wanted a move, how he wasn’t a team player. He started the season on the bench and when he did score against Southend there were accusations he wasn’t celebrating. the undercurrent of disliking him was always there but then he always came up with something to turn the tide against him.

Banned and left the field petulantly? Here’s a Player of the Month award to quieten you down. Not celebrating goals? Here’s a stunner against a Premier League side in the EFL Cup for you, and a celebration to match.

I suppose it could be said that despite his good performances since Michael Appleton came in, the goals haven’t followed. He hasn’t scored since that game against Everton and he’s only registered two assists as well. Is that the sort of scintillating form we expect from our game-changer, our marquee signing of 2018? Maybe not, but that’s not to detract from the quality footballer he is.

Part of me does have to question it being Salford he’s moved to. It feels like a big step back, with the lack of ambition accusations certain to ring out over the coming weeks. Maybe ambition these days is securing a big future on wages. Maybe the Championship clubs weren’t up for taking a punt, or League One clubs weren’t able to outspend the Class of ’92 and their millions. I don’t know, but Bruno Andrade has a massive task on his hands now. As Matt Green and Nathan proved, Salford is not an easy gig and if you don’t hit the ground running then you’re soon on your way out. I don’t see a huge difference between them and Billericay or Romford, apart from the fact Glenn Tamplin is a nutcase. They skew the wages in certain divisions, they bring in big-name players for their level and ultimately spend an awful lot of money. It didn’t work out for our export to Billericay or the Salford boys and if Bruno isn’t properly fit when he’s paraded in front of the Salford fans, it might be a tough gig for him too.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

My memories of Bruno will always be positive. It will be hard not to remember the goal against MK Dons last season, the one that clinched us the title in my eyes. There was also that excellent last-gasp winner in the FA Cup against Northampton, another fantastic afternoon of action with a thrilling climax.

Predictably, the reaction has been mixed on social media with a selection of Twitter comments rounding off this piece.


  1. I think young Zak is an adequate replacement. My immediate reaction is he was chasing the £ signs. The only crumb of comfort is for me is that Salford City beat the Cowley’s to Andrade. Though will they step up their hunt for Harry Toffolo as some Yorkie football hacks have suggested. Well, some money in transfer fund is always welcome.

  2. He’s an amazing technical player but when called upon to defend, as a winger has to in any division from time to time, he always made me VERY stressed. Maybe this suggests that his reading of fast moving game play lacks insight? Maybe!

    Let’s not forget that our best results this season have been without Bruno (Ipswich and Peterborough at home) and that Appleton’s style of play will require all team members to be able to defend well and then break quickly when the opportunity appears. Bruno could do the latter, but defensive play – not really…

  3. One of the most talented players I have seen in red and white shirt.Our best winger by miles too… Big loss to the squad… Shame we didn’t manage to tied him up either now or last year when I feel we should have…
    Thanks and good luck !

  4. I will remember him linking with Toff down the left hand side for a long time, I’m very sad he’s gone but given the offer fully understand, its a short career.
    Good luck Bruno and thanks for the memories.

  5. 6 months remaining on contract. We either use him until he runs it down , or we receive monies for him and move on. Sensible from the club. I couldn’t care less where he goes. That’s up
    To him. If we can’t get anywhere near what he’s been offered then you can’t blame him for clearing off. Adios

  6. Don’t get this idea that he is chasing the money as a derogatory thing or that it is lack ambition. In all other sports, mostly, the big money is at the top of the game. The push is to get to the top and win things, and along with that make a comfortable life for your family. All of us, mostly strive for this. In my line of work the higher up you go the more you earn. But football is totally different where money is at higher and lower levels. Could it not be argued that being chosen by Salford, who have bundles of cash, is an achievement because they won’t just hand it over to people they don’t think can improve them? There is no doubt he has gone for the money, like most would do. It is a short career etc. In this case as well, he has 6 months left on his contract. Say he gets injured next month and is out for 4 months. He will of course be let go and who picks him up then? He is one of near 1,000 players without a contract. At least now he is in control of his destiny and has got himself security.

    The “ambition” tag is for the big boys and their arm chair fans. At the premier league level the wages are varied but eventhe lowest level earns you more than your whole family ever has over history, and the ambition tag can be thrown about. But at this level where you could be on less than quite a number of the fans watching you need to make financial decisions.

  7. Doubt the Cowley Bros would have taken him to Huddersfield. People over rate players… Bruno was an asset at League One level and he did well to achieve that status given he was in Non League, two or so seasons ago! Michael Appleton referred to his prickly nature, so this is not imagined by supporters who have witnessed instances of his petulance. He may do well at Salford but I think Harry Toffolo as a footballer and person will be much more greatly missed… he was beginning to assume almost Ainsworth status with his 90 minute displays. That is why the Cowley brothers will take him to Huddersfield and not Bruno.

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