‘That is why I’m an Imp’ – Year Nine Students Talking Lincoln City Love

As you might know, I get involved with a group of students from local schools once a year to deliver a writing course.

Most are Lincoln City fans or at least football fans, and we’re looking to demonstrate the power of English, why it is useful later in life. With the digital age offering more opportunities for writers than I had when I left school, I firmly believe that young people should be shown possible career paths and given an insight into what writing well can achieve.

We delivered the first week of content last week and in what we call a ‘free write’, we asked the young people to write down what Lincoln City, or football, meant to them. We got so much great content from them, with these three a sample of exactly what has inspired the next generation of supporter to come to Sincil Bank.

Imps v Oldham – Courtesy Graham Burrell

I support Lincoln City because my Dad and my Uncle took me to my first game a couple of years ago. It was the FA Cup Second Round against Oldham Athletic and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was so invested in the game; it was the only topic of conversation and everyone was speaking to random people as f they’d known each other for years. They are all Imps because they all have a sense of belief and excitement in their team.

We won the match and I was so happy; I couldn’t sleep. The excitement kept on building as we progressed further in the competition and beating Premier League Burnley was definitely a highlight. Another memorable moment for me was beating Shrewsbury at Wembley. We had £50 of Pick n Mix with us, it was just great!

I have supported the club ever since and follow them in every way possible, I just like and enjoy watching them play. I also enjoy being in a community where you can talk about it to anyone and they will understand because they all love the club.

I remember being in Milton Keynes for the Burnley game and we went into a pub and asked them to put the game on. Nobody in there supported Lincoln City but they did by the end of the game. We were doing laps around this pub we had never been in and it was amazing.

That is why I am an Imp.


Chris Moyses – Courtesy Graham Burrell

The reason I love Lincoln City is because of the adrenalin. This is because everyone gets on the edge of their seat and they are all cheering on with their team. I remember my first match against Bromley, me and my family were match sponsors. This was because we knew the commercial manager and nobody wanted to sponsor the team then! I also remember seeing the stands and there was hardly anybody there, me and my Uncle were thinking that football stadiums were full of 100,000 people!

We lost the game 1-0, it was the 2015/16 season and Chris Moyses was manager. Although we lost one-nil, I still loved it and I became a part of a football family. We also saw my cousin Tracy there who we hadn’t seen in a long time. After that, I started going to games with my Dad, Tracy and others. We always go in all kinds of weather conditions and support them, whatever result they get.


I like to think that I am a Lincoln City fan. I am very passionate about football and enjoy playing the game. I have grown up in Lincoln and they have been the only team for me since the beginning. Being an Imp makes me feel supported and everyone has the same interest to speak about. It is a chance to get to know other people with the same passion. It also helps that I play in the Lincoln development team which gives me some experience.
When I get a chance to watch a match, I feel inspired to play better and it gives me a chance to understand the game better and improve. My favourite part of the game is when I am able to be free and show what I can do.

Being an Imp gives me a chance to continue my dream of playing football and I have a chance to progress. Although none of my family supports or plays football, I have plenty of support and they are willing to come and watch matches.

The first time I went to watch Lincoln I knew I wanted to go more often. My first experience was one I’ll never forget; I got a chance to hold the flag on the pitch. The crowd was amazing, and I soon realized how many people really supporters the club, which inspired me even more.



  1. Brilliant stuff Gary my daughter is a year 10 at the same school and is a massive Lincoln fan too . She started going with me at the start of the 2014 /15 season long before the Cowleys arrived. Granted she became a regular following their arrival, goes to every home game and the occasional away game.

  2. Top stuff. I believe our future Imps are well secure now not us old fogeys! The Cowleys and Clives legacy will be with us for many many years to come.UTI

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