Desert Island Kits Part Two: Colin Green & Shaun Symons

Continuing our quarantine content drive, two more Imps’ fans have submitted their ‘Desert Island Kits’, following on from yesterday’s Desert Island Kits Part One: Danny Nez.

Up first, @colin81green  

Lincoln City 1980/81

There have been a large number of Imps shirts that I’ve really liked, but none of them get anywhere near this one – the year I was born. A great period for us, in the old Third Division, and having a good shot at trying to reach what is now the Championship. For me, it is the perfect Imps shirt, the right amount of red and white stripes, the correct thickness of stripes, the Imp as the badge, and Adidas as the manufacturer – the only time as far as I am aware that they have made our kits. Whenever anyone talks of their memories of this particular period supporting the Imps, I get pangs of jealousy every time.

Werder Bremen 2004/05

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always been a massive fan of the Bundesliga. After studying German at university, I moved to the Bremen area to work as a modern languages teaching assistant in a grammar school located just near the Weser. Werder Bremen were the nearest Bundesliga team, and having won the League and Cup double the season before, were enjoying considerable success when I was based there. It was hard not to take an interest in them in my time there, especially as they were playing in the Champions League against the likes of Inter Milan. As such they became my German team from that point on, and so their home kit from that year means a lot; I only missed about three of their home games when I lived there.

Northern Ireland 1982 World Cup

I was born in Lincolnshire, but to Scottish and Irish parents. I had been brought up to take an interest in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England as a kid, but the older I got, the more my affiliation grew to Northern Ireland. My dad had often regaled me with stories about Northern Ireland’s journey to the World Cup quarter finals in 1982, and particularly about Gerry Armstrong’s goal v Spain. Dad had also seen George Best play for the GAWA (Green and White Army) at Windsor Park, which I found fascinating. In 2016 I bought this replica of the 1982 shirt, and took it with me to France for the Euro 16 group game v Ukraine, and witnessed our very own Gareth McAuley score Northern Ireland’s first goal at a major finals for 30 years. That moment will live with me forever, although my dad wasn’t with me – he had sadly died of prostate cancer eight years before.

Queens Park Rangers 1985

My 2nd, or “big” team in the English league, is Queens Park Rangers. I moved to London in my late teens, and in the first two weeks of being down there, was taken to Loftus Road. Loftus Road was a perfect alternative if Lincoln weren’t playing, and a much different level of football than I had been used to. This particular kit has been deemed one of the finer ones from the 80s; the sponsor, and the correct thickness and amount of hoops making it a classic.


AC Milan 1992/93

When Football Italia launched in 1992, I was intrigued. The very first match I sat down and watched as a ten year old was Milan v Lazio, a 5-3 victory to Milan, and remains one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen. Milan were frightening with Papin and Van Basten in attack, with Gullit, Rijkaard and Lentini in midfield. For the next few seasons, if their matches were broadcast live on Channel 4, I would make a point of watching them. Their kit in the 1992/93 season reminds me of Ruud Gullit every time; something which Danny Nesbitt disagrees with – he prefers the “Mediolanum” shirt from the season before.