Imps Make Exciting Kit Announcement

Credit - Lincoln City Football Club

When I say ‘exciting’ in the title, I mean for all of us kit fanatics out there who have an eye for the retro.

They’ve announced that they’re producing two retro kits, available in the club shop, for supporters to buy. It’s a tough time to drop an announcement like this when money is tight for people, but it’s also a welcome bit of good news amongst the negative.

Their announcement stated: “The first kit, released this morning at 9 am, celebrates the success from the 1987/88 season. 1987/88 was a memorable campaign that saw Colin Murphy guide the Imps back to the Football League at the first attempt, winning the GM Vauxhall Conference title with 82 points.

“The second shirt in the new collection is a remake of the 1984/85 jersey known for its red template with white sleeves and pinstriped design. This was worn famously by Gordon Hobson who scored 11 goals in all competitions during the 84/85 campaign.”

People like myself will instantly be looking at where we can find the £70 required for both, not least because for 40-somethings these are likely to have been the first replica kits we had. I didn’t come to the Imps until 1986, so never saw the iconic 84/85 shirt that invokes images of Neil Redfearn, Phil Neale and Ross Jack as much as anything.

I do remember the 87/88 shirt though, not least because it was the first I had. The rather tattered and torn kit still sits on an old teddy bear in our spare room and to own a spanking brand new replica will be very exciting. They’re both kits of a bygone age now, but which are fondly recalled by enthusiasts.

Perhaps, if you’re capable of spending during these tough times, a good way to support the club would be to buy one or both. I’d love to, but with other outlays and the uncertainty over the future, I’m going to have to sit tight and hope there’s no scope for these selling out. They don’t say they’re limited and I’m really hoping they’re not.

If you’re in a position to buy, you can do so by following this link. For the record, the club has not asked me to promote these, but as a kit connoisseur of sorts, I’m 100% behind getting more retro shirts available for sale in the club shop and see this as extremely good news. I think the marketing and commercial guys behind the idea deserve a rich round of applause.

It seems to have been a popular choice of kits too, with lots of positive reaction on social media this morning.


  1. The 84/85 shirt was also worn in 83/84 too, very different to any imps shirt ever worn before from memory.

    • In the late 60s or early 70 they had plan red with plane white sleeves (no pinstripe) like Arsenal. I remember seeing Graham Taylor wearing it in his playing days.

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