Imps Launch New Scheme Aimed At Saving You Money

This isn’t the sort of news that gets much traction at present, but I noticed an email nestling in my inbox the other day for a new rewards scheme.

I’ll confess, the Supporter’s Board knew something like this was coming. There’s been a lot of work going in at the club, Jake Longworth and Damien Froggatt have been beavering away, looking to bring in a reward scheme to help engage fans and save money. My understanding is all season ticket holders will get it, as will people joining the My Imps scheme.

The premise is much as you’ll have seen with others in the past; you can get discounts and offers through different retailers by having the card. Many of these schemes tend to charge you a fee for joining, but the club is looking to give you the rewards back for buying a season ticket. I would imagine, at some point, it could be marketed in a way that suggests you’ll save money on your ST over time.

Will you though? I suppose much depends on your shopping habits, but I’ve had a look through the site briefly over the last couple of days and I can certainly see savings. For instance, we tend to shop at Tesco where there’s a 4% saving. Assuming we spend £50 per week there, that’s £104 back in the old skyrocket before we’ve properly kicked off. So my season ticket suddenly drops from £349 to £245, in theory.

Outside of your supermarket shop, your habits will dictate how much you save. I sat here reeling off a list of outlets to my other half and she heard ‘John Lewis’ and instantly started thinking about the possible 2.5% saving there. Me, I need a new laptop in the summer and Curry’s PC World are on there with a 5% saving, plus 25% off a laptop bag if I bought one.

In fact, when you peruse the list of places, there’s something for everyone. Top Man, Footlocker, Spec Savers, Wilkos, New Look, M&S, Argos, Pizza Express….. the list goes on and on. It’s hard to estimate exactly how much you could save here without knowing what you buy, but there is plenty of potential. There are ‘big discount’ options too, such as 20% of all outlet lines at Ted Baker, or 60% off Daniel Wellington watches at Argento. They’re great savings if you shop at those places.

The scheme offers more than just savings too, with learning modules for you to improve your knowledge of certain areas if you wish. I recall having something similar through Jewson a while back and I started learning some basic Italian on there. Looking at the Imps’ scheme there are bits like basic car maintenance, dog training and Spanish. It looks like a nice little addition, even if only a handful of people choose to use it.

There will also be Imps’ specials on there as well, so the club will upload deals from their specific partners, which again will look to bring more savings to users locally.

I feel this article sounds quite promotional, but it really shouldn’t be. I feel the scheme is a real positive addition to the current benefits and although it is in its infancy right now, I could see it saving users money over the course of a season. Sure, in a home like ours with one ST and two adults, we might even begin to save enough to claim my ST is free. That might not be as easy in a family home of four, but in that instance, even a few hundred quid saving will go a long way, plus the bigger the family, the more you’ll spend.

The big draw for me is the supermarket discounts, essential shopping over a period of a year will add up to big savings. Outside of that, it’s going to be up to you, but certainly, this scheme is likely to give you some pennies back in your pocket and that has to be a good thing, right?

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