Imps v MK Dons tomorrow afternoon

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Ok, so it’s not really the Imps v MK Dons, not in the real sense, but you will be given a chance to relive the excellent win once again with a live stream on YouTube courtesy of the club.

Not only that, but you can also buy 50/50 tickets on the club website and win prizes such as calls from players, or even the Big Apple himself, MA. Who wouldn’t want him giving them a call, eh? Just visit the club website to get yours, if you want to.

To keep in line with the build-up, I’ve decided to rerun the ‘Thank you’ article for MK Dons from last season, in case you missed it or in case you just want to get into the groove ahead of the ‘game’ tomorrow. If you don’t, no worries, just move on and we’ll say no more.

Grab a 50/50 ticket though, it’ll help the club in some small way before the big game…..

Without further ado, get prepared to shudder, shake in fear and then ponder how the hell you forgot Luke Howell as we delve into reasons not to thank MK Dons and, maybe, if we’re lucky, a reason to thank them.

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