Stacey West Lockdown Quiz – Your Chance To Take Part Tonight

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the Stacey West Quiz and tonight, you get the chance to compete against some of our current qualifiers.

Due to some withdrawals, we’ve got a couple of spaces up for grabs on a show that kicks off at 7.30 pm tonight. First up, the final heat in which Gav Hughes takes on Emily Rooke, a tie shifted over from last night. The winner of that will join Chris Wray, Dan Rawson, Kev Barwise, Jon Leonard and Steve Freestone (bye) in the last eight. That will give us six of our eight qualifiers, with the other two coming from a live event.

Expected to kick off around 8 pm, you’ll get the chance to answer questions and join those finalists as we progress to the latter stages next week. It’s going to be a simple question and answer session, with the first right answers on my screen earning either two points (first) or one (second). At the end of the questions, whichever two players have the highest number of points will go through to the final stages.

Be warned: we could start a little earlier or later depending on how long Gav and Emily take, so do make sure you tune in no later than 7.45 pm. You can find the live feed on Facebook, both on the Stacey West’s page and on my own personal feed too.

Did you listen to Kev and Jon hitting double-digit scores and feel you could match their efforts? Did the tension of the first two heats convince you that you were missing out on a great experience? If so, you know where to be tonight.

I would like to address my own pitiful showing on the BBC Radio Lincolnshire quiz yesterday, a poor, poor four in their two minute round. I appreciate it isn’t easy on the spot and sometimes an obvious answer evades you. There’s no shame in scoring low, especially not when you’re head to head. That’s what I told myself as I gently sobbed myself to sleep last night and it’s something you should bear in mind when we kick off later!

You know the time, you know the place, but do you know Lincoln City? If you do, I’ll see you later.