‘Absolutely nothing has been decided’ – Liam Scully clears up current misinformation flow

Every day we hear more and more about what might happen over the coming weeks.

We might have to finish the season behind closed doors, or it might not finish at all. We might not be allowed back to the Bank until January 2021, those who have bought season tickets might be offered iFollow passes instead. With each bit of news, or rather speculation, people tend to not read the word ‘might’ and instead begin to panic about the future.

I think we all have enough to worry about, without adding in what ‘might’ happen in the future. If it is any help, back when I suffered anxiety and stress, I went to a worry management course. In the main, it was all packaging and ‘one-size-fits-all’ promotional bollocks, but one bit really did stick with me. Worry is pointless. If you worry about something happening and it does happen, you can’t change it so you’ve wasted your time worrying. If you worry about something happening that doesn’t happen, you’ve wasted your time worrying. Whatever happens is inevitable and the best way to deal with it is when it happens, not before.

Anyway, nobody knows what is going on right now. The papers and news sites print speculation, because nobody knows how the pandemic will pan out. Could warm weather stop it in its tracks? Maybe, maybe not. A vaccine might work, we might be back at the Bank in August. Of course, it might keep on going and we don’t see our seats for another six months. The fact is, nobody knows. That is why (as I’ve seen suggested on social media) the club cannot make any announcements, because they have nothing to announce. They won’t address season ticket renewers because they have no idea whether a game could be played in August or not. I’m due to fly to Greece in June for a holiday, our first trip abroad since summer 2016, but I’ve no idea whether we can go or not. The airline won’t ring me up and offer me a rescheduled flight based on speculation, they’ll ring me up when they know what is happening.

We’ve got Liam Scully coming on the podcast this weekend where he’ll be updating fans on the latest actual news, which is likely to be him dispelling the myths rather than being able to break new ground, but it will be good to hear those Chinese whispers put to bed (perhaps not the best use of language in the current circumstances..). He’s moved to do something similar today with a Twitter thread which we’ve transposed below for those who find it tough to read a thread like an actual news piece (which I am guilty of).

“There is plenty of leaked information now finding its way into the public domain as to the ‘thoughts of EFL clubs’,” he tweeted at the start of the thread. “I would ask all LCFC fans to read & receive these comments with interest but also with great caution. Often the reported views are not that of ‘all LG1/2 clubs’, more accurately a viewpoint of a (singular) club/owner which no doubt formed a worthy discussion point. However, these discussions have certainly not reached their conclusions, nor are they the definitive stance of LCFC.

“I appreciate everyone is keen to understand what is being done on a raft of challenges & issues ranging from the 19/20 season completion, the start of the 20/21 season, the transfer window, player contracts, games behind closed doors etc. The most accurate report I can provide is that absolutely nothing has been decided but that progress is being made.

“There are various models & permutations being discussed, however simply put, we are not in overall control of this matter. The virus is. It is however our responsibility to plan for scenario A to scenario ZZ based on differing outcomes and government restrictions.”

So, nothing new. No news might not be good news, but it isn’t bad news either.

Liam went on to tackle the role of footballers in the current pandemic and how the media have turned on them as higher earners, certainly at the top level.

“I am also saddened to see footballers (generally) maligned during this incredibly difficult time. Like the majority of us, they have mortgages to pay, families to feed & bills to pay. They are certainly not immune to this situation & share the same worries as we all have. The players are part of our family and they are part of the fabric of our great club(s). The LCFC players have been fantastic in how they have approached this matter overall. They are a credit to this club, their families & our communities.

“The truth is, if we are going to survive this we are all going to have to share a bit of the pain. Clubs, players, owners, non-playing team members, sponsors, fans & broadcasters. This ideally will be proportionate & the aim of LCFC is that we find a fair way through this. No one party should be expected to suffer more than the other or take the brunt of this. This is a time for unity & solidarity.

“In lieu of this, we do very much believe in the collective, be that EFL as a whole or EFL 1. From what I have seen & been a part of discussions between the EFL & fellow members have been encouraging, in good spirits & with good intentions. LCFC will continue to engage through this forum in order to find the fairest & most practical resolutions to the many issues both our sport & our industry are facing.

“I want to assure LCFC fans that we intend to communicate openly & in a timely manner, but only once there is something noteworthy & factual to say. We are also very respectful that many people are hurting & we are ‘just a game’. We do however hope that as a pillar of the community, we can survive this pandemic & play our part in rebuilding our communities together.

“Until then, I reiterate that it is advisable to act with caution when reading anything that is reported as fact. Take great care – Stay safe.”

There will be more from Liam, hopefully coming Saturday lunchtime, in our next podcast release.