Five Released League One Players Who Could Fit In At Sincil Bank

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It seems crass to even discuss the players released around League One who I’d like to see sign for us.

With staff on furlough, players and management taking a pay cut and the new season as uncertain as ever, recruitment should be the last thing on our minds. However, the world keeps turning, EFL Hubs keep lying and making up rumours and eventually, we all forget the fog hanging over the game and focus on who we might like to sign, and why.

I don’t personally think that we’ll be looking elsewhere in League One for our talent this season, but we may do. Michael will doubtless want a mix of talented loans and released youngsters from higher up, but he might want to pep up the side with some cheaper players later on in the window. I wonder, will any of these players, let go by League One clubs this summer, be able to do a job for us.

Please, remember this article is my opinion and speculation. I’m not trying to do MA’s job, I’m not saying we’re in for these players, I’m merely suggesting a handful of names I wouldn’t be too disgruntled with if I saw them appear in a club announcement before the restart. Whenever that might be.


  1. Arron Chapman,goalkeeper , another linked to us by efl ??.

    Personally i would like Ohara back from Posh.Not released but back from his Scottish loan i note. Surely he fits the the new template of players we require and has a goal in him .Loved his tine in Lincoln.

  2. From all released league one players I want… M.Bostwick 🙂 Sign him back, please. …

    That Blackpool striker looks like a really good player.

  3. I’ve heard that Michael Bostwick, Neil Eardly and Josh Vickers have been released by their club.
    I’d have these three in the starting 11 straight away.

    My Peterborough supporter friend doesn’t reckon Woody is a League One player, simple as that.

  4. I think you should start a go get Bozzy fund .. Maybe supporters could fund an half season contract up to 31 December .. Many would buy into Bozzy

  5. This is all very flattering – thank you imp fans…not only does the article itself detail the majority of Posh cast off – but the comments here add a couple more ….would it be fain of me to perhaps suggest calling you Posh a team…Barcelona do it!!!!!!!!!!

    • Call us what you like mate you still didnt get promotion and im glad your defeat at Xmas at our place helped that fact.
      Re your players or ex players now ,im sure they know they will be treated properly as human beings by our club and not just as 2year sell ons for an over priced fee.

  6. oh dear..i was just trying to raise a laugh oxberry..still a team with chapman, cooke, o’hara’ bostwick. bennett., woodyard…maybe you could take Toney and Dembele and Jade Jones…oh no of course havnt got a pot to pi** in…so yes take our cast offs…and the reason these playes come to us because they are treated well and promised the chance to move up…Maddison, Gayle, Assombolonga..and we make BIG money on all of them…ker—–ching!!!!!

    • Got your drift Mr. Hancock… Yes, your club has got more money and can afford better players…
      As you can see though sometimes that means nothing as money won’t buy you everything.
      As it stands you are not only in the same league as us but also playing most of your games at half empty stadium…..

    • oh dear oh dear….little Imps with big chips in place!!! you all know we were destined to go up but for…!!! and even i am very sanguine about that…….you remain in the same league as us…but lets see who you buy with your thrupence and what we get with the mlliions (again!!!) from Toney and Maddison….oh it is so sad to see people in distress…want to see the designs for our new stadium too perchance?????…and check out your managers record against us…the bloke who left for Huddersfield was your only hope to stay in the league…new guys record? p29 w9 d6 l14 %31.0…..hmmm. tasty!!!!!!

  7. oh dear…i am fed up and thoroughly bored with winding you imps up…you are monosyllabic in your boring monotone regarding you still managed to just about hang on to our coat tails and stay in our League…..good for you..welll done…clap clap…looking forward to staying there?…perhaps….see if you can raise your spending in/out……£600K record out…really? chickenfeed…..£300k record in? laughable!!!!…check out the Posh records in/out…to die for….listen – biggest, and i mean biggest mistake you made was letting Danny Cowley move on…he was good…v good…but now you are looking like a league 2 and below side again…and whatever you say…you KNOW we are going to be up their alongside Sunderland, Portsmouth and Ipswich….different class. Thanks for the banter – albeit i thought much from your side was relatively puerile, tedious – leaving me apathetic and indeed insouciant to your crude, basic invectives…nice try though….now how do i find the blogs for Ipswich…far more at the level of Posh. Enjoy the new season Imps….DO take some Posh cast offs (you kept Anderson!!!). it might keep you in the mix.but……………bye bye!!!!!?

  8. ,,want to see the designs for our new stadium too perchance?????…” No thanks. Hopefully it would be smaller than your current one as empty seats don’t look good. …..

    ,,but now you are looking like a league 2 and below side again” And despite this we still managed to beat your ,,dream team” ……

    Have fun on Ipswich blog now.. Or wherever you will be making your life more ,,exciting” next ?

  9. oh Diana..i had to come back one last time…new stadium plans?…you are adding an upper deck to your go online and look at our new stadium..based on a hungarian stadium…with chairpersons (the world famous Darragh and two American associates – and a willing PDC..SO IT Will happen..and make us more kerching..and host a cavalcade of entertainment events..and you have some nomark called Clive..and google shows his favourite conversation with the press is about Lincolns 2.4 million losses etc etc etc….seriously..i say one last time….you beat us last season..well we beat you..f***cking move on from that…start cheering on your Imps next season..they will need it….but stop trying to out-do me..wont work..i can provide so many factors as to why we are on the way to be the next brentford..the next huddersfield…and you no it…you are back soon with mixing it with Cambridge, Stevenage and grimsby…no your place…and really – having taught you a lesson in power just give this up…there is NOTHING you can top us with i will now fianlly F++ off…i recommend you F+++ off too.

    • I’m pretty sure that your new stadium will be beautiful and fancy. As well as always half empty….

      ,,f***cking move on from that’ Oh dear, is something start getting into you ? ?? C’mon, it was sweet goal from J.Grant . Lovely free kick… As a football fan you’ve got to admit it… Even if that point you have lost proved a bit costly in the end ?

      ,,recommend you F+++ off too” . Wow. Pure class … I would say this is proper POSH language ..?

      Oh and sorry but you are the last person to recommend me anything I’m afraid…..

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