‘Great retro twist’, ‘I want to like it’ – Imps new home shirt drops today

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The clubs new home shirt has dropped today and as many fans thought, it is a return to the pinstripes that periodically make an appearance in our history.

Before I start, I have to confess the kit isn’t for me. The last time we went pinstripe was 1995/96 and we knocked through three managers. On that occasion, I bought two on launch day and gave one to my Dad. I was laying Diamond Cable around Lincoln at the time and got bitumen on it as I took it out of the packet. The mark is still there.

Okay, back to the present day. I don’t think the shirt is awful, far from it. I like the collar and the cuffs, both have a retro feel which works really well. I also think the sponsor looks stylish with the rest of the shirt, it’s minimal and fits well. I love the way it works with the black shorts too, but I just can’t get on board with the shirt right now. It might be that it grows on me, the 2018/19 one didn’t, but I have a feeling this one could. Maybe it’s the sudden change, maybe it is because I voted against it on the Supporter’s Board and was outvoted, but it’s just not for me.

What I would say is a football shirt is very much like fashion’ it is subjective. If you say ‘it is horrible’, the fact is that it isn’t, you just think it is. I always get amused at people getting indignant about the shirt design at the beginning of a season because it is perhaps the least important aspect of the summer and the one that draws the most ire.

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I can see how this shirt will be popular, even though it draws from styles that came in unpopular seasons. When a shirt conjures up images of Paul Wanless, Udo Onwere and Colin Alcide, it really doesn’t do it for me. That said, the club can’t keep pushing out the same red and white every season.

I called my other half in a moment ago to have a look. She always has a pop at me for collecting shirts because (and I quote), ‘they’re all just red and white stripes, why not try a different colour?’. Yeah, that’s what I have to contend with. Anyway, she took a look at this and said ‘well done for trying something different’. Many people feel their club rips them off, year after year, with the same old shirts. At least we’ve tried something different and, when you try something different, there will always be resistance.

I’m looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, without a doubt.

Also, a big welcome to Peregrine Holdings, our new club sponsor. They’re a great company to have on board and it further strengthens our ties with South Africa and the strong board of directors we currently boast. They’ll be great partners and remember, they came in after the board turned down a front of shirt betting sponsor. This morning’s release could have been much different, had we had a gambling site front and centre, so even for the likes of me who are not sold, we should see this shirt as an indication of the club doing the right things, even if the actual design isn’t to your taste. Or mine.

Here is some of the split feedback received this morning on social media.


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  1. Love this shirt and loved the older pinstripes one. And, what, may I ask was wrong with Colin Alcide?

  2. I am really disappointed! I know I am old fashioned, but the Imps I know and love, wear red and white stripes, black shorts and red socks!

  3. The new logo is one of the best I’ve seen. However the black edging is a mistake and as for the pinstripes … just awful. The “Who are you?” chant will be more than pure
    rhetoric this season.

  4. I think if the white stripes would have been twice as thick it would be really good. Even the sponsor logo has stripes in it!

  5. In my time I’ve seen the Imps play in Manchester United style all red and arsenal style red with white sleeves, neither of which I liked, red with white pinstripes as is the new shirt and which is alright but not really Lincoln City to me, red and white stripes in front and solid red at the back which I do not like at all and red stripes all round, which to me are proper Lincoln City.

  6. Peregrine is a hedge fund and tax avoidance specialist registered in Guernsey. I don’t see how that’s any better than a betting firm, to be honest.

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