‘If only I could win the lottery’ – Improve your chances with Lincoln City

Sunderland at home - Courtesy Kevin Williams

It’s a favourite topic of conversation between my partner and I, especially after a few cold ones.

‘If I won the lottery, I would…..’ usually ends up sparking a debate because, after helping family members, paying off the mortgage and buying news cars, I always add ‘invest in Lincoln City’ and then have to explain how an investment in the club is basically a big gift I’d never see again. ‘What would you get back?‘ she asks and I have to make her believe that a place on the board, a meal before every game and pride is worth investing a six-figure sum. For the record, it would be. She’s not so sure, so let’s hope it is my six numbers that come up, and not hers.#

Anyway, I guess if you really want to help the club then the best way to do it might not be to hope you’re going to win the lottery, because you’re not. I’m not either, but I might get a bit of something from the Imps Lottery and, of course, the club would too.

This was launched on Friday and it clashed with me putting my latest book out there in aid of Sophie’s Journey (15 sold so far, which I’m delighted about because I didn’t think anyone would want one), so I’ve delayed the news until today. Still, it gives it a nice kick in your direction and offers up another chance to support the club during these trying times, via funding for the academy.

Interested in joining the relaunched Imps lottery? All the information is below.

From just £1 per week, you have the chance to win a range of fantastic prizes whilst also supporting our Academy at the same time.

You can help us develop the players of the future as all profits go directly to our Academy which will aid the young players who dream of breaking into the first team here at Lincoln City FC. Your money will help develop the academy’s training facilities, buy training equipment and help coaching staff as 50% of every £1 will be spent on the academy.

What can I win?

A number of cash prizes are available depending on how many numbers you match!

A £25,000 jackpot is up for grabs each week so this is not one to be missed.

Match 3 numbers = 2 free plays

Match 4 numbers = Win £20

Match 5 numbers = Win £250

Match 6 numbers = Win £25,000

Every player entered into the first draw in every month will also be entered into the Imps Super Draw which gives the chance to win X2 hospitality tickets in our Buildbase Legends Lounge, a 2020/21 squad signed home shirt and X2 general admission tickets to watch the Imps at LNER Stadium.

When is the next draw?

Our draws take place weekly on a Monday and you check out the latest results HERE. To be in with a chance of winning in August’s draws, you must have registered by midnight on Wednesday July 22nd. 

How do I join?

To join, simply CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

For any further queries, call 0115 888 1222 or email join@impslottery.com.

By joining, you can help the stars of the future. Good luck, Imps!