Become a part of Lincoln City’s history with new competition

I’ve held off on writing about the competition launched on Friday for two reasons; firstly I didn’t want to just throw another article out at the same time and, secondly, I’m slack.

However, just as with Roger Bates’ back in 2016/17, I’m involved with a book that the club are publishing. It’s a chance for you, Imps fans everywhere, to pen something about the club which will go into a book to be sold at the club shop. I’m a collector, as you know, and I have books from across time talking about the Imps, from recent efforts such as Phillip Priddle’s Purgatory book, my own (obviously) and the club efforts, to older publications such as One Hell of a Season, Cock ‘o’ The North and Down the Years. They all tell a story about how the club was at the time and for the likes of you and I, they’re a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Now, you have a chance to get your story into a book that might be read by your grandkids, or their grandkids, leaving behind a little slice of you in the Imps rich and cultured tapestry. How exciting is that? Very, I hope.

A little bit about the idea first. I can’t take credit, it was Roger Bates who approached me about On The Road With Lincoln City, a book written about away days with the intention of raising funds for the Academy. I was obviously on board and Alan Johnson and Ian Plenderleith also joined up to edit and judge. The book was a success and those who contributed will attest to having a nice evening at the ground receiving a copy from Nathan Arnold and Sam Habergham.

When lockdown kicked in, it got me thinking as to what I might be able to do to help the club, even in a small way, and I approached Liam with a second book idea, this time talking about what Lincoln City means to you. It’s a broader scope, not limiting you to away matches, and it will directly benefit the club. Of course, it will be great to get your stories in too and already I know of a couple of people sitting down to write.

So, you want to be featured but don’t know what to write? That’s not a problem, as I’ve put together a few prompts below that might get you reaching for the keyboard.

  • What was your first match? Why did you go, and what was it like? What do you remember, which players stood out? Why were you hooked?
  • Why do you support Lincoln City? Are you a Lincoln native, or have you come to us late? What keeps you coming back, what is it about live football which attracts you to Sincil Bank?
  • Which player has influenced you the most? Has one gone over and above to impress you, or to make an impact in the community? Did you meet them and what were they like?
  • What has been your favourite away day? Did you read the first book and wish you’d contributed? Why was that game so special, who went with you?
  • Have you had an experience at the ground which has stuck with you for life? An injustice that still rankles now? Maybe a game you went to stood out for you but not for others, for some special reason?
  • Have you proposed at Sincil Bank, spent a milestone birthday there are suffered a loss in the family which is made easier by following the Imps? Have the club affected you life for the better and if so, how?

These are just a few ideas, but remember to make your story as unique as you can, personal to you and about your feelings. We all know Burnley away in 2017 was great, but if you’re writing about that why was it great? Try to steer away from obvious things unless there is a real personal connection. For instance, if you went to Burnley with your son or daughter and it was their first game, that would work, but just telling us about being in the FA Cup perhaps wouldn’t.

Inspired? You should be. The judging team are back together for round two as well, that’s me (Gary Hutchinson of the Stacey West), Alan Johnson (Freelance Journalist) and Ian Plenderleith (Author, Rock ‘n’ Roll Soccer/The Quiet Fan), as well as Lincoln City’s Media Team. We’re all excited to be back on board and can’t wait to read your stories and experiences. Remember, every single story published wins a copy of the book, signed by Michael Appleton and (hopefully) presented in person at an event at the ground. I suppose we just have to wait and see what Colin Covid has to say about that, of course.

As an example of the sort of thing we think would work, I’ve got a link to a story by Val Daniels that was published on the site a year or so ago. This is exactly the sort of experience that I think makes great reading. Have a look at it and keep an eye out over the coming days for other articles either published on here, or written for the site to give you further ideas.

The Plastic Fan

In the meantime, good luck!

Please note that stories should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words and you can submit your entries to The deadline for applications at 12pm on Friday 14th  August 2020. Good luck Imps, we cannot wait to hear your favourite stories.

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