‘Stupid decision’, ‘Big loss’ – The Imps’ new signing draws reaction from MK Dons’ fans

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The Imps secured the services of Conor McGrandles yesterday, a move which I looked into on my YouTube channel as well as dissected on here.

When any player leaves a club, there’s always a reaction to look through these days. For instance, Colchester fans were surprised we bagged Ethan Ross, despite some Imps’ fans thinking he’ll play second fiddle. Last season, Mansfield fans felt Jorge Grant wouldn’t be a huge success (they were wrong), whilst some Bradford and Southend fans questioned how successful Jack Payne would be for us. That reaction is important, perhaps more so than our own supporters. Sure, a player might look good on paper, but if you’re Lincoln fans you only base an opinion on a couple of games you’ve might have seen and what others say. Unless it’s a striker, then you look in the goals column of Wikipedia and if it isn’t double figures for 10 years straight, he’s unproven.

Anyway, when I first heard about Conor McGrandles I wasn’t immediately blown away because I hadn’t seen him play, not to take much notice anyway. I can’t say he stood out for me in the 2-0 win at their place, nor the 1-1 draw at ours, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t. He wasn’t a player I could have immediately shouted as a good signing, but looking into his history, he certainly seems to fit the bill for us, a cross between experienced and young too. Hell, if Blackpool can claim they’ve signed a player who can develop further in CJ Hamilton, then we could easily do the same here.

The proof is, as I’ve covered, in what opposition fans say about him. I did speak to a couple of MK fans who weren’t best pleased he’d gone, although one did say ‘getting a fee for a player in this climate is good’, which they didn’t. That was a sample of two such fans, but what about the general reaction on Twitter? My gut feeling is it would be like a loaded scale; a mildy popular player leaving us would get rave reviews (Bozzy, Eards, Tom Pett), whilst perhaps if someone like Shacks or John Akinde leaves, players who did add something but faded towards the end, the reaction wouldn’t be so good. Agree? So, by that rationale, if the reaction to McGrandles leaving Buckinghamshire was largely positive, it hints at us getting a good signing on a top deal, right?

Let’s see then shall we; here’s a selection of their responses to last night’s announcement.


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  1. Looks like MK were unhappy with his assists and goal contribution and were very quick to sign a replacement.

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