Lincoln City Quiz #288 – Appearances

I was hoping for another signing this afternoon, seeing as I had a bit of time on my hands and had a haircut for the camera, but it isn’t to be.

Can’t be too greedy though, right? I mean, we’ve been on it this week, even if we are assembling a brick wall in defence. I can’t wait to see the much-heralded arrival of our revolutionary 8-1-1 formation.

Joking aside, it’s been a busy week and the club’s business looks strong on paper. I suppose if you buy you ingredients for dinner at Waitrose, you’re not guaranteed a great meal, but if you cook them right too, you’ll be there or thereabouts. We’ve shopped at Waitrose, theoretically, for much of our business, now it is up to MA to blend them into a meal and add a bit of garnishing. You know what I mean – a dash of ‘essence of goalkeeper’, a few sprinkles of ‘ground striker’ and maybe even a dash of ‘flying winger’, just to pep the meal up.

While he’s doing that, maybe you can take some time to have a go at the latest Stacey West Quiz? I’ve picked two players again, at random, and all you have to do is pick the one who made the most appearances. FUN FACT: I picked the players and paired them up before checking their appearances, so I could play along myself. I got 12/15.

Can you beat my score?


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