Stacey West Quiz #289 – Pre Season Matches

We all love a pre-season game, sometimes.

Yesterday, I did get right into the Salford match, but I made no secret of my contempt for other matches, such as Norwich City at home a few seasons ago. However, they can throw up memorable matches nonetheless, with players making spectacular entrances (Patulea), suffering horrible injuries (Dunphy) or making one-off outings without ever competing properly for the club (Jemson).

We see weird and wonderful teams from around the world at Sincil Bank, and the lads go to Europe to get a taste of life on the continent. It’s all very exciting for some, others can take it or leave it.

How much can you recall from pre-season games of old? Here’s a chance for you to test you knowledge in another Stacey West quiz. I know what you’re thinking, where do I get the time, right? No. Oh. You should.