Stacey West Quiz #291 – Imps v Iron

After last night’s resounding friendly win, I thought I’d put together a quiz around previous clashes between us and Scunthorpe.

Did you know they didn’t beat us for nine games around the turn of the century? You do now. Did you also know we haven’t met in the league for the last 16 years? You do now.

Sadly, for you at least, neither of those are answers on the quiz. Otherwise, you’d have a head start and we couldn’t have that.

How much do you know about Lincoln and Scunthorpe? You’re about to find out.



As I wrote this the postman turned up with the most amazing surprise gift for me from a Collingham postmark. The note within was a thank you for the quizzes and other material, something that has really touched both Fe and I. Cheers Chris, you’ve made our day!