Imps issue iFollow Update

One of my readers emailed yesterday about the iFollow situation, concerned that there had been no update form the club.

Ask, and ye shall receive. The club have today updated supporters on the iFollow situation, and oddly the Covid situation means you’ll be able to see much more of the Imps, albeit from your home computer.

Due to restrictions in the grounds, all matches will be available on iFollow until normal service is resumed. For season ticket holders, that means games you are not able to see in person will come to you at no extra charge as part of your package. Supporters who do not have a season ticket will be able to buy match passes and watch at home, in 1080p (which for people like my Dad, who won’t know what that terminology is, it means ‘bloody clear’).

Furthermore, away matches will also be available to purchase, meaning that you will be able to see every minute of Imps’ action until we get full stadiums back. The revenue model benefits both clubs too, as the press release explains.

“Revenue for away match pass sales are allocated to the home club in line with the projected number of away supporters that would usually attend the fixture under normal circumstances. Once that figure is surpassed, each club will keep anything they sell above this. (e.g. Sunderland brought 1,833 fans to LNER Stadium last season meaning that the first 1,833 match passes bought by Sunderland fans would be retained by the Imps. After that figure is surpassed, Sunderland would keep any additional sales.)”

Essentially, if Portsmouth were expected to bring 2000 to Sincil Bank, we would keep the first 2000 iFollow pass sales they made. Anything over and above that would go to the visiting club. Therefore, if 3000 Imps buy a pass for our game at MK Dons, but only 750 were expected to travel, we would get 2250 x £10. It sounds complex, but it is a model designed to protect clubs who rely heavily on big away followings, or those who miss out on big attendances due to huge fixtures in the early part of the season.

It’s also revealed that you’ll be able to watch our EFL Trophy matches on iFollow, as well as this weekend’s Carabao Cup encounter. Sadly, I won’t be able to watch this weekend’s game as I’m away, but I’m sure someone will fill me in on what happens!

Be sure to check out the club’s official guidance here.