SW Quiz #297 – The Imps and MK Dons

It’s almost matchday and as a warm-up for the game, I’ve put together a fiendish quiz all around our previous matches with Milton Keynes.

Players, results, odd occurrences… it has it all. How will you fare?



For those who have asked, the reason the quizzes now reroute you to The Real EFL is two-fold. Firstly, the plugin I use to generate the quizzes belongs to Snack Media, and so isn’t available to me at the SW as I am an independent site. It also generates a small amount of revenue too (around 1.5p per person who takes it), which is amalgamated with the Real EFL revenue. So, over the course of a month, it buys me a bacon butty which I really enjoyed this morning, thank you.

Feel free to play through twice as my chickens have stopped laying and I’d love six eggs to pile on the bacon.