Stacey West / Fans Player Scheme Forum Launches

I’ve been playing around with a forum idea for a while now, and in conjunction with the Fans Player Scheme, I’m delighted to announce that we are going live.

This is a very experimental project which may not take off, and I want to stress that it is in no way intended to take away from the excellent work Jules does with Vital Lincoln City. Their model has been successfully raising money for many years and long may it continue.

I am aware there are a group of fans who, for whatever reason, do not want to use Vitals, and there are some who commented regularly on our articles here. I had to disable comments after so DDoS attacks, and you will have been unable to leave any for some time now. Hopefully, this is a way of getting around that and making some money for the club, in conjunction with -.

The forum is hosted on my Real EFL site, which means there are adverts that raise funds. Each month, we shall publish the site’s income, along with the percentage of views the forum achieved, and thus the money raised. That money will then go to the fans player scheme, with myself and Helgy thrashing out details of whether to eventually do something like player sponsorship or not. If the forum is not used then obviously we won’t raise funds and I’ll wrap it up.

The forum works as most do, you will need to register to post, but guests can view posts. I’ll be starting a thread for each article on the site, with a link at the bottom for you to go on and leave your comments. If you want, you can start thread too, for other people to comment on and discuss. The more you use it, the more funds it raises. If you don’t use it, I will wrap it up.

I really do want to stress that I am not intending to rival Vitals, I have no interest in damaging the excellent work someone else is already putting in, and has been doing for some time. However, in these austere times, if there is a facility for us to add some funds into the wider cause, then I would very, very much like to do just that.

I will be looking for some people to join up as moderators, if possible, so please get in touch if you are interested. Posters from all clubs are welcome, but it stands to reason abuse will not be tolerated, nor will spamming links and the like. You can find the forum here, there will be links at the end of each article, and I’ll put something in the menus above.

As an example of the potential, The Real EFL got 253,000 views in August, and that earned £279. If the forum got around 100,000 views and interactions, then we’d be looking at around £100. It can fluctuate too, depending on the advert content, so one month 150,000 views made £230. I am going to be as transparent as you would hopefully come to expect with the figures each month and hopefully, together, we can put a little bit of advertiser’s money directly into the club coffers, at a time when it is really needed.

The figures for October are sent to me at the end of November, so the forum will remain active until then at the earliest. On Nov 30th, we’ll get the income figures and viewing figures and know if it is a success. Once that happens, I may even run a poll on here to see if you all want to keep it, or not.

Register for the forum today, interact and let’s do our bit to keep the club on the right course.