Lincoln City Away Kit World Cup

I’ve been looking back over some of the away kits of old recently, and it amazes me the variation we have seen from shirt to shirt.

From yellow to green, blue to black, we’ve tried a huge number of colours and styles. Who can forget the crazy green, white and black of the early nineties, or the succinct green with red trim of the early eighties?

Once upon a time, an old Lincoln shirt was used for decorating or gardening, but now it is cherished and stored, often fetching more money than it cost originally. Retro is very contemporary and we’ve seen that in the design for this year’s home shirt.

What do you like in an away shirt? A nod to a retro style, or the ‘pub shirt’ we’ve seen in recent years? Are your garish in your tastes, or understated? Hopefully, over the course of the next week or so, we’re going to find out.

Credit LCFC Twitter

I’ve trawled the archives, with a huge thanks to Football Shirt History to find 39 away kits and third shirts from the early eighties to the modern-day. I’ll be splitting them up into groups and running the unofficial alternative kit world cup. However, with 39 to choose from and 32 needed to stage the competition, we are going to have to have qualifiers.

I’m going to run this on Twitter as well as on here, and bring the results together after each of the votes. To start with, there will be three qualifier groups, with two from each going forward to the main competition.

I’ll be launching the groups later today after a draw, looking to get the competition itself sorted by the time the weekend starts. Do you have a favourite third shirt, or away shirt? If you do, keep your eyes peeled on here later today, and on Twitter.