Fans Player Scheme – Forum update and how you can help without spending a penny

Courtesy of me

As you may recall, we started a forum a month or two ago, with the sole aim of raising money for the club, via the Fans Player Scheme.

The first month’s revenue is in and we made £24 for the club. Ok, it may not sound a huge amount, but that is money generated purely from you clicking on the forum and commenting. At the end of every month, we’ll find out a total and send that to Helgy and the FPS pass on to the club.

Over the course of a year, that could be almost £300 the club did not have, as a starting point, all because you clicked on the forum, had a read and maybe even commented. It has been a good start, with 121 members and already over 1,000 posts, generating free money for the club.

To stimulate further, generous Stacey West reader, and friend, Jason Gill has vowed to match the total raised by the forum for the next three months, up to a total of £50 per month. That’s double-bubble for three months and another great reason to get involved. If you can, please do register and have a read here – the more you use it, the more we can help the club out. The bailout is all well and good, but every club at our level relies on the fans for revenue as much as anything and this is a great way to help out without hitting your own pocket.

Now, something for budding writers – the revenue comes from my other site, The Real EFL. The more money it makes, the better the revenue per click on the adverts and therefore, the more the FPS gets. Now, I have struggled with content over the past few months, which might see revenue drop a little. If you are a budding writer and wish to pen something about League Two or League One in general, then you can help Lincoln City and the FPS. Every article written by Stacey West readers published on the site will go towards the revenue for the forum.

For instance, if you write a preview of Portsmouth and Peterborough this weekend, and it gets 1,000 views, then that revenue will be added to the forum total and Jason’s kind donation to further stretch the amount the FPS gets.

Are you an aspiring journalist? The articles must be more than 250 long, directly associated with league One or League Two clubs and, ideally, not purely about Lincoln City. Every penny they make will go straight to the FPS and help out Lincoln City.

If you want more information about writing and helping out the FPS, drop me an email In return for your efforts, you will be published on a national website achieving more than 1m views a year, plus I’ll give feedback and tips on writing style, headlines and the like to help you become a better content creator.

Register for the forum today, interact and let’s do our bit to keep the club on the right course.