Top 10 Disappointing Lincoln City Strikers

Credit - Graham Burrell

Firstly, a disclaimer. These lists are always intended to draw suggestions from you, and if you think my choices are not correct, remember they are just that – choices and opinion. Never fact.

It struck me the other day, when writing this article about Paul Dobson, how common it was for Lincoln City to take a great striker, only to see him fail completely to recapture his previous form. History is littered with examples of players signing who get pulses racing, and who ultimately let you down.

I decided to do a quick article on the ‘proven goalscorers’ we have signed at Lincoln City, the ones who have fans dribbling with excitement, only for that to turn to spits of anger as the flop, fail or struggle to live up to the hype. Very rarely do we take a Tyler Walker, with 25 goals a season elsewhere, and see them repeat the form. Let me know what you think of the list!