Wanna Watch Imps v Posh? You Need This Guide

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The Imps have published a guide to watching this weekend’s fixture against Peterborough United, including information on how season ticket holders can watch the game.

It seems that if you are an ST holder, you can watch the game on iFollow, by following these instructions.

The comprehensive guide also explains how you can watch the game in other countries, as well as here in the UK if you are not an ST holder.

Visiting the official site here will take you through your options, but for those fearing they would be unable to watch if they have a season ticket but not Sky, the crucial passage reads: Imps season ticket holders can access the fixture live on WeAreImps iFollow this weekend without a code, find out more by reading our guide HERE.

Be sure to check out this guide well in advance of the game and don’t forget – it is a 12.30 pm kick-off

Sam and I will be doing match day Live from 11 am, to help you build up to what threatens to be a massive fixture for the club.