Trialist Rumour: Who Might Be In The Frame?

It’s January, the transfer news has been slow coming through, which means one thing – rumours.

I’m not one for putting rumours on here, certainly not unless they are mentioned on reputable sites. If there is an unspecific hint though, that is different, because it lets me get busy with a speculation piece that fires up Cornell, at the very least!

So, what was the rumour? The chatter is that we have a player formerly based in America here on trial. That opens up a world of possibilities and I thought I’d trawl the free agents from America to find a couple who might fit the bill. I don’t know who it is I’m afraid, you don’t find much out sitting in an office in Louth five days a week, but I have a few good ideas who it might be, which I’ll bring to you now. I’m sure our Imps fans stateside will find this of some interest, even if the rest of you think it is one of those articles you could live without!

I have only selected players who have links to England (actually, they’re all English), because it is unlikely a player would head over from the US if, for instance, they were another nationality, especially given restrictions on movement etc. I’ve also tried to select players that might fit the bill positional wise, although two on the list have been free agents for a couple of years now. You will also notice I have put certain names of players and clubs in bold, which is another link between us, MA and the player I’m talking about.

One player who I am sure it is not, but who has been linked with City in the past, is Tyler Pasher. He recently penned a deal with Houston Dynamo in MLS, although his link last season was only because the club’s official site tweeted about Indy Car and several fans put two and two together and got 22. In this article, I’ll throw two and two together, but chuck one in of my own to make what they’d call on countdown ‘a dubious six’. Still, it might take your mind off the nerves that are inevitable in tomorrow’s huge match against Pompey.

Disclaimer – This is one of those ‘for fun’ articles, and is not intended to draw criticism or comments of ‘that won’t happen’. If you don’t like this sort of stuff, please feel free to head off to one of our other informative and interesting articles that go beyond speculation and fun. Cheers.