SW Quiz #326 – Impossibly Hard Player Quiz

Yesterday, I saw three people describe the player quiz I did as easy.

Never let it be said I shirk away from a challenge – today I have compiled a quiz using Bubs’ pictures that is so fiendish and tough, I dare wager nobody will get full marks unless they play it through twice. Hell, some of the names are so forgettable, that might not even be enough to get all the answers right.

The seasons are forgettable (2011/12, 12/13 and 13/14), the players even more so. It’s likely you missed some, if not all of the matches and if you did, you didn’t always miss much at all. Sure, there were good players at the club during those times, but if I asked you to name your top 25, I bet this lot wouldn’t be in it. If we used 1000 players in those seasons, I dare bet that at least ten of these would be between number 980 and 1000,

Go on, impress me.