Stacey West Quiz #329 – Did they play for City?

As those who follow me on Twitter will know, I received a very kind gift in the post yesterday; a completed Panini ’87 sticker album.

Those who follow the site know what that means – new album, new quiz! This one is packed with imps of old, those who had played for City before featuring, those who went on to play for City and some connected in other ways too. For the record, the ’87 album is a great one in my opinion, because it was my first domestic album, but also because it boasts manager stickers too. I proper got my sticker geek on yesterday.

Collecting stickers is a bit of a passion of mine. I think it plays into my childhood memories which associated them with being good. If I was good, I got a couple of packets. Sadly (for me at least), my friend Danny Blackburn was an only child and he used to get loads more. How I envied his sticker collection. I remember him having a big bag of 87 stickers and one afternoon leaving them at mine by accident. I pretended, just for a short while, I had all the stickers in the world instead.

That’s why I’ll buy the odd box every now and again of whatever the current album is, to capture those childhood feelings of joy. At least, that is what a doctor would say.

The ’87 album is even responsible for me briefly supporting Luton Town. If you don’t know the story, I wrote it a couple of years ago right here.

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing, you didn’t come here for my childhood memories. The question is, can you recognise how many players from the album have played for the Imps, before or since?