Don’t Forget The Fans Forum

This evening sees a virtual fans forum, held on the Collab platform.

Now, I’m not going to be a hypocrite here, because I confess I have little interest in fan’s forums. I think they have become less important over time, because the accessibility and openness of the club often leave little in doubt. personally, I have no interest at all in listening to Dave from Upper 1 ask former Premier League footballer Michael Appleton why he doesn’t leave someone up at corners, or Harry who goes every other game asking if the players can warm up in front of him and not somebody else. Sadly, social media has made these sorts of comments commonplace on my timeline and I absolutely cannot dedicate my time in an evening to listen to them, especially if I can’t get something signed at the end.

Oddly, the last time I did attend a fan’s forum, I had to leave early after my back began to play up and the club later contacted me and got me specialist help from their physios. Maybe I’m just a miserable sod. You may feel there is value there, and you may weel want to attend virtually tonight. I know in the past, I have been shot down a little for my views and I also know there are plenty of people who feel these events have value, just as I know the club takes great pride in them too.

The event starts with the AGM and is only accessible to shareholders. The AGM is a little more targeted and as such, represents an excellent opportunity for shareholders to ask questions directly to members of the board, including Clive and Liam. After that, the main event kicks off at 8 pm and has an ‘extended panel’, including the Big Apple himself.

This was a bit like a fan’s forum, I guess – Courtesy Graham Burrell

If you are planning on attending, the club have the following advice; “We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Collab platform ahead of joining the event(s) on the evening and you are able to do so by CLICKING HERE. There will be an event assistant from Collab on the evening who will provide information on how to use the platform and give instructions on how to vote and ask questions of the panel.”

I would recommend this too. On Christmas Eve, I got a sneak preview of the Collab platform as Steff Wright wanted me to help host match events on there. Sadly, as my archaic internet dictated, I was unable to watch iFollow and log into Collab, but I did get a look at the platform. It is certainly slick and the concept behind it is great, so it will be fascinating for me to see how it works on this event.

I guess someone will have to let me know, eh?

Shareholders can join the AGM on Thursday 25th February by CLICKING HERE. The event will be open from 6.30pm, please note, however, that the doors close at 7:05pm so please take time to log in early to avoid disappointment. The Fans’ Forum will kick off at 8pm and supporters can join from 7:45pm by CLICKING HERE