SW Podcast Episode 118 – Swindon, Plymouth and Ben Saying Some Stuff

It’s time for another dose of two blokes talking a bit about Lincoln City.

We are (regrettably) looking back at our 2-2 draw with Swindon Town this week, trying to be as positive as possible where we can. We then cast out minds forward to tomorrow’s game against Plymouth Argyle, looking at form, squads and why we might just get a result.

There was breaking news as we recorded, new contracts for Anthony Scully, Remy Howarth and Michael Appleton. Ben said some stuff after that, but I’m not sure what because I got distracted by my phone. I’m pretty sure he said one of our players looked like a primary school kid, but you’ll have to tell me.

You know what to do. Listen to it below, or listen to it on Podbean. Or, don’t listen at all, which is apparently what I do whilst we’re recording.

Up the Imps.