SW Quiz 334 – Panini Stickers Euro Special

I do like to mix these quizzes up a bit, and as we close in on a summer of international football, I thought I’d drop a bit of a Euro 2012 treat.

You remember Euro 2012, right? it’s the one where the press build England up, then as soon as they’re on the plane to wherever knock them down. No? I suppose that is every Euro since 2008, and the only reason it didn’t happen then was former Lincoln player the Wally with the Brolly, known by his family and friends as Steve McClaren.

Euro 2012 was the one where we topped a group including France, then came up against Italy and went out on penalties (of course). Italy went on to the final, where France hammered them 4-0 after the two drew 1-1 in their opening group game.

None the wiser? Oh well. If you do need a memory jog, maybe these players will help. All played in England, some have played against Lincoln (before and since), so it is tenuously linked to us.  Let me know on social media how many you get, and if you’d like more of these in the run-up to euro 2020. You’ll probably get them anyway.