Stacey West Podcast Special: Oxford Preview

It’s time for the Stacey West Podcast, but not as you know it.

Gary and Ben have gone bigtime. Ben is Mr Media, featured on the Lincolnite and the club’s official site for his model Sincil Bank, and doubtless is off to meet the queen or something this evening. Gary is recording with Gab Sutton and (obviously) Match Day Live tomorrow, which does mean a tight schedule.

With it being a Friday night game, dropping our usual podcast tomorrow at lunchtime would have made it out of date very quickly, so we’ve gone for a different approach. Jake does a great preview that we put out as a video each week, and it really should get more love. So, instead of me and Ben talking xG and his special ‘On Air’ sign, we’ve handed the podcast over to Jake and his guest, Joe Citrone, to talk some sense about the game.

Enjoy, but not so much you don’t want me and Ben back. The right amount would be to say ‘this is good’, request more of Jake’s to go as proper pods, but also mention how you miss me (and Ben) too. Anything on either side of that is the wrong amount of enjoyment. Just to be clear.