Five Areas Michael Appleton Will Surely Look at This Summer

Wide Areas


Credit Graham Burrell

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, Michael’s approach this season hasn’t been broken in terms of faces, instead blighted by injuries. Therefore, I see the summer bringing us a new loan player from a bigger club, able to inspire, drive forward and maybe bring a bit of trickery too. I could see a situation where Morgan Rogers comes back for a season, although any team in the bottom eight of the Championship would be wise to go for him too. That could mean us turning our attention elsewhere for someone with flair, with a wand of a left or right foot and the inclination to use it.

I did rant and rave about having Johnson and Rogers in the same side and I stand by that, if it had happened at the start of the season and if we’d stayed fully fit. I think they’re very similar in that they like to use the ball selfishly, and when that goes wrong it invites pressure. To have one player doing that is all well and good, but two? It didn’t work in some matches, usually when Johnson was central and Rogers out wide, and maybe more time together on the training pitch could have helped that. However, you cannot say either have been anything other than good for the Imps and I fully expect us to pepper our attacking options with one, if not two, loan players from the top flight.