SW Podcast E124: Burton, Hull & Olivia’s Dog

Ben and I sat down to record another edgy, upbeat and slightly off-topic podcast last night, just for you.

We spoke about the Franchise Zombie League, a bit. I’m not sure if either of us swore either, which is a shock. We then moved on to Burton, where obviously things remained upbeat and positive, before leaking into a possible automatic promotion challenge, late on of course. After that I’m not sure, I know we spoke a bit about Hull, and Ben had even done some research, which almost rendered me speechless.

The biggest topic of the episode was whether listener Jack should let partner Olivia get a dog. The right answer is yes, and if you want, you can have your say just below before listening to the pod. We then discussed why rabbits are rubbish pets and found out Ben has a lead to take his cat for a walk. Yup, he’s that guy.


Should Jack let Olivia have a dog?

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