Imps Injury Update Ahead of Wombles Visit

Credit Graham Burrell

The Imps are in action tomorrow against AFC Wimbledon in the final warm-up game before the play-offs.

Of course, it is also the last game of the normal season, normally something to be celebrated, but in this instance it feels more like a pre-season friendly. The result doesn’t really matter, but the fitness of key players does. In recent weeks, we have had players out, players coming back and a few worries, but Michael is hopefully of some good news as we look beyond tomorrow, to the two cup finals we face in May.

This is a rundown of those who have been injured, those we have worries over, and what to expect from them tomorrow.

Liam Bridcutt


Credit Graham Burrell

Liam Bridcutt is, for me, our most important player right now. If you need evidence, look to last Saturday at London Road. The Imps were 3-0 up when he left the field, and we drew 3-3. It wasn’t all down to his absence, but he just bring something to the team we don’t have with any other player. It might be experience, it might be his ability to link the defence and attack, I don’t know, but if he plays any game, we are more likely to win in that without him in the team.

Will he play tomorrow? After all, he missed the Charlton game didn’t he? I spoke to him the afternoon of the Charlton game and he said he felt he could perhaps have played 90 minutes against Peterborough, but that wasn’t the plan. After the game, Michael confirmed that: “His next game was always going to be 90 minutes. We just felt tonight was too much of a risk, having played Saturday. He’ll be ready for Sunday and will hopefully play 90 minutes.”

There you go, Bridcutt to complete 90 tomorrow, for the first time since our 1-1 draw with Sunderland in March, and for only the eighth time since the turn of the year.

Last Played: Peterborough 3-3 Imps

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 100%

Joe Walsh


Credit Graham Burrell

There was no mention of Joe Walsh in this morning’s presser, and that would lead me to believe he might start the game against Wimbledon. He is a player I think makes the first team squad when fit, and if his cameo against Charlton is anything to go by, immediately smashing a forward upon arrival as a late sub, then he’s fit. He adds balance and a certain experience to the back four and my understanding is he’ll play tomorrow, and hopefully be up to speed ready for the play-offs.

After the defeat in London, Michael said of Joe: “It was interesting because the first thing he [Walsh] did was smash one of them. A little bit more experience in the middle of defence might have helped us in that second half earlier, but the idea was always to get Walshy around 20 minutes.

“I’m been saying this for the last couple of weeks now and I don’t apologise, it’s about trying to build up the players and making sure we don’t overload them, hopefully getting them to peak at the right time.”

That time, we hope, is now.

Last Played: Charlton 3-1 Imps

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 100%

Adam Jackson


Credit Graham Burrell

Adam Jackson could play a part tomorrow, but it is unlikely. He is one player who may be a doubt for the play-offs, with Michael admitting in midweek that they hadn’t quite got to the root of the former Hibernian man’s issues. “I wouldn’t say we’ve got to the bottom of it. We’ve just ruled out so many things and he’s had scans,” the gaffer said.

However, in this morning’s press conference, he admitted that Jackson could play some part, although he was ‘less likely’ to feature than Brennan Johnson. “Testament to him, he wants to get out there and give it a try,” he said. “Today he is going to be involved in the squad so long as he comes through today and has a proper footballing session he will be involved tomorrow.”

Last Played: Imps 4-0 MK Dons

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 95%


Theo Archibald


Credit Graham Burrell

I think Theo has been desperately unlucky this season. He’s a player I still feel has a lot to offer, and could benefit from a full pre-season and involvement, but I guess we have to wait and see. He hasn’t even been on the bench of late and when players such as James Jones get an audition for the play-offs, it must be tough for Theo not to be in a position to get the same. In this morning’s presser, Michael said: “Archibald is on the free injury list but whether he makes the squad tomorrow we will see.” Sadly, the chances are he won’t be involved.

Last Played: Imps 3-0 Crewe

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 10%


Anthony Scully


Credit Graham Burrell

With 17 goals this season, one in every competition, Anthony Scully is a weapon for City. Quite where he is best deployed is up for debate but there is no doubt you want him around the squad. Whether he comes on and gets a goal, or starts and causes problems, he is a big player for us and seeing him go off against Charlton was a worry.

It appears that whilst he might not make tomorrow, there shouldn’t be any real cause for concern. “Scully is another one we’re monitoring,” said the boss. “He came off with a glute issue the other day. Again, it’s not going to keep him out of the play-offs, it’s just whether it’s a risk to involve him tomorrow or not.”

Last Played: Charlton 3-1 Imps

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 50%


Brennan Johnson


Credit Graham Burrell

Johnson has 12 goals and is in double figures for assists too, and like Scully he is a player we must have fit for the play-offs. If he is fit, he starts, and of all the doubts we currently have, he might be the most significant. Will he play tomorrow? It is touch and go, but he should be back for the play-offs if he doesn’t line up against the Wombles.

Speaking of Brennan and Adam Jackson, Michael said: “At some point, both will play a part in the game. There’s more chance Brennan will play more minutes than Jacko, who will play a small part.”

Last Played: Shrewsbury 0-1 Imps

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 100%

TJ Eyoma


Credit Graham Burrell

TJ has remained injury-free all season, a great effort for a young player in his first full season of professional football. He had drifted out of favour for a few weeks, but his partnership with Lewis Montsma has been strong of late. With his flexibility at right back, he is a big asset and a player we definitely want fit and firing when we head into the play-off semi-final first leg. He is struggling with a knee issue, but will it be enough to keep him out of those huge games in mid-May? Apparently not, but he may not make tomorrow.

“I don’t see it being a big issue but it might be a risk playing him tomorrow so we need to be mindful of that,” said Michael this morning. There you go then, no need to worry.

Last Played: Charlton 3-1 Imps

Chances of Minutes Tomorrow: 30%